Monday, August 01, 2011

[Trans] Kyu Jong Left a Message on His Official Webby 08.01.11

After a long time we hear again from Kyu Jong! He is reminiscing once again and the excitement is still there! Woah!

Geez, I am missing Kyu Jong so much. He is such a sweet lad.

Here's translation of the message from Kyu Jong official korean website. Much thanks to xiaochu of xiaochu of Quainte501 for the translation.


[Trans] KyuJong, “2007.08.01 Kokoro..”
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Hi hi.. ^^

Now is.. 1st August evening..!!

Is everyone eating their dinner on time ! Not go skipping meals for diets right !!

Is everyone doing well? ^^

The memory of debuting in Japan with Kokoro single on 1st August 2007 came upon me suddenly..

It seems like just yesterday, time really flies isn’t it ?!^^

With unfamiliar Japanese language, we recorded our songs and practiced choreography, we were frustrated as we don’t speak the same language.. heehee

Now, everyone is fluent and good in Japanese ^^ Really praiseworthy heehee

At that time, we had to trouble our translator with fan letters in Japanese given by fans~ Now we are able to read!!

Yoohoo!! ^^ heehee The fan letters given by fans were a great help in studying Japanese~~

Album went on sale and when all our members saw our name on the chart in the first week, we screamed and was happy..^^ heehee

I still remember it now !! The expressions of our members with their eyes wide in shock..^^!!

And for the next single, we heard the ranking via phone and YoungSaeng hyung and I were overjoyed in the train and

The other members were overjoyed in the dorm and recording studio, and we screamed over the phone !!

Hurray hurray !! Like this !!~~

Thank you for giving us loud laughs and happiness and joy at that time~~

Triple S hurray..^^

It is raining a lot these days, and there were a lot of damages.. I am worried if everyone is fine..

I heard it is also raining a lot in Japan.. I wonder if everyone is fine .. ^^!!

Hmm hmm !! After the rain always comes the warm and bright sunlight!!

Let’s not frown and cheer up everyone ~~ he ~

Pretties!! August has started!!

Aja Aja!! The August that our HyeongJin likes, somehow feels like it will be filled with good things~

Now slowly…^^ I must get started..!! Yoohoo~~

Today’s good advice!!

He that can have patience can have what he will..
-Benjamin Franklin-


Original message in hangul from Kyu Jong official website.

2007.08.01 Kokoro


지금은.. 8월1일 저녁..!!

다들 저녁밥은 챙겨먹었는지 ! 다이어트한다고 굶고있는건아닌지!!

잘들지내고있지요? ^^

이천칠년 팔월 일일 일본에서 코코로라는 싱글로 데뷔를 한게 문득 떠오르네요..

엊그제 같은데 참 시간 빠르다 그쵸 ?!^^

생소한 일본어로 노래녹음을하고 안무연습도하고 말이 안통해 답답했던 우리였는데..ㅎㅎ

이제는 다들 일본어도 유창하게 잘하구 ^^ 기특해죽겠어요 ㅎㅎ

그땐 팬분들이 주신 일본어편지는 통역사분께 부탁했는데~ 이제는 읽을 수 있다구요!!

유후!! ^^ ㅎㅎ 팬분들이 주신 편지로도 일본어 공부에 많은 도움이 되었어요~~

음반을 발매하고 첫 주 순위에 올라있는 우리이름을 보고 멤버들 다 소리 지르며 기뻐했

었는데..^^ ㅎㅎ

지금도 기억나요 !! 깜짝놀래서 눈 커진 멤버들의 표정이..^^!!

그리구 다음 싱글은 전화기로 순위를 듣고 나와영생이형은 지하철에 기뻐하고

다른멤버들은 숙소에서 그리고 녹음실에서 기뻐하며 전화로 소리질렀는데 !!

만세 만세 !! 이렇게 !!~~

그때 우리에게 큰 웃음과 행복과 기쁨을 주셔서 감사합니다~~

트리플에스 만만세..^^

요즘 비가 많이 와서 많은 피해를 입었는데..다들 괜찮으신건지 걱정두되구..

일본도 비가많이왔다던데..다들 잘지내시는지 .. ^^!!

음음 !! 비 뒤에는 항상 따스하고 눈부신 햇빛이 찾아오니까!!

우리 찡그리지말구 다같이 힘내요 ~~ 히 ~

이쁜이들!! 8월이 시작되었네요!!

아자아자!! 우리 형진형아가 좋아하는 8월이라그런지 왠지 좋은일이 가득할거같아요~

이제 슬슬...^^ 시작해보아야죠..!! 유후~~


인내할 수 있는 사람은 그가 바라는 것은 무엇이든지 손에 넣을 수 있다 ..
-벤자민 프랭클린-


Anonymous said...

sweet kyu...u always so sweet..never changed..i love it..u r recalling the memory kororo with ur members when u were in japan..we know u miss them so much...TS miss u all too like crazy..please do make comeback when the rite time come..we always waiting for u and love..

Anonymous said...

I think Kyu is hinting something! all the best for whatever he is planning!!!
I love his advice... and TS know a bit about waiting patiently :/

Anonymous said...

totally Kyu... I miss him too..well all TS do right? i really wished that i could know about them sooner.. Kyu Kyu Kyu such a sweet heart he is.. whatever he is up to now, we TS will be supporting him yes??? i know i will.. ^^ i miss u KJ!!!

Anonymous said...

aigooooo.. this guy is just too sweet... even i knew the 5 so so much later after their japan debut, i can imagine their happiness!!! It just makes me missed these 5 guys even moreeee.. Just want to see them 5 on 1 stage soonn..

Anonymous said...

Our Kyu's just too sweet for words, *sniffs. Remembering the feeling and sharing it with TS, what more can we ask from this guy? Now I'm missing them terribly, it hurts T-T

slimz1808 said...

I tink he is hinting something too! Seems like he is going to CB with something real soon or he is going to start his Korea Gong trainings etc. Read its going to start on 16th Sept ^^

Realy love this boy.. so sweet and no doubt he is the Biggest and Brightest Green pea of TS, wuri Green Pea Prince... he is loving SS501 so much ^^

etet said...

'and patience all the passion of great hearts'...... James Russell Lowell

Love this quote...

Geez, why does this boy seem to tug at my heart?

Aaaaaaahhhhh........ *smiles*

sinthia said...

It looks that our boys are missing be together as much as TripleS are missing them...^^ Kyu is always so sweet... I love to read his messages!! I'm missing him sooooooo much... hope he's coming with something soon, really miss this boy!!

Anonymous said...

Urri sweet and kind Kyu.... after all this year, he never change. Even tough I haven't now you for a long time, I can feel your love and care to all of your fans. Keep up your good work and always be healthy and happy.
Thanks for put SS501 on your signature on Bobbi Brown event... we will keep our faith for all of you. Back as a solid group soon... we'll be there waiting and cheering for you!

Anonymous said...

2007.08.01 wrote
2011.08.01 post again
so this is an anniversary message for each year !

kreza said...

Sweet Kyu Jong...its hard not to fall in love with this man :)