Wednesday, August 03, 2011

[108 Media Pix & 3 Vids] Hyung Jun's 25th Birthday Party with Fans 08.03.11

Happy Birthday, Hyung Jun!

And fans will be happy to know that there are lots of photos posted on many portals which I am getting now from Naver and Daum.

There are more photos but won't be posting them all. I think 108 is already enough and I am pretty sure there will be more photos from fanclubs and fans who attended.

Here's tidbits of what happened at the party. Thanks to crazynoona, hl2412, SGLove501 and more for the tweets.
  • Hyung Jun's mom, brother Ki Bum, Choco (who is dressed for the occasion), Jungyeon his childhood friend and some more friends as guests. MBLAQ's G.O. also dropped by and greeted him.
  • Hyung Jun sang oH! aH!, No Other Woman Than You, U R Man, Heaven, Girl and again oH! aH! as encore.
  • He gave out gifts to fans such as signed CDs and his framed photos, choose a fan to draw her face, goofed with fans, took photo with fan and gave a hug.
  • At the party, he opened gifts (he was so happy to have received Gundam), they showed clips of him from the fan meeting in Taiwan who according to tweets is so funny and a clip of him taking shower.
  • Tidbits from his talk, he said to believe in him. About relationship, other than school he had 3 relationships. He smentioned that he will end his activities in three years in a recorded video (probably before he enters the army). He calls himself hardworking freak. He dreams to be the best artist.
  • Towards the end of the party, we read a letter and said that he will not cry... which in fact he did.
From the vids and following media clips, I am certain you will already have an idea what the photo says. ^_^



Anonymous said...

Baby poodle is cute but a bit odd cant see the eyes anyway happy birthday hyungjun....

Chara said...

WOW!!! Yo're fast to upload this. I just came back from there 30 minutes ago! :-)

fellyz said...

HyungJun is so handsome, whole family members come to celebrate included Choco, and also his programer team members^^
Btw, Jungyeon isn't his cousin, but he is Jun's childhood friend :)

liezle said...

fellyz, thank you for the correction. will edit now.


Anonymous said...

the progamer team?? i dont see them in any pic.. i miss shark anyway..hehehe..
everyone love jjun..he is just one of the most loveable person..his nice nd cheer personality..make other people easy to love him..;)
thank you so much for sharing news..

Anonymous said...

aww he looked soo happy ! I hope he had the best birthday ever !

ping said...

omg this is a good compilation!!! thanks!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Had no idea Junnie and G.O are friends; that was nice of G.O to show up. Happy Birthday, Hyung Jun!

fellyz said...

U're welcome, liezle^^

@anonymous 12:36AM, I mean the progamer season 2, that's the progamer team members Jjun formed, not all of them came by the way.

Anonymous said...

HyungJun and G.O friends forever! love my two biases