Monday, August 01, 2011

[Notice from B2M] 100Won To Help Starving Children

Much thanks to xiaochu for the translation of this notice from B2M on Quainte501. Only 100Won and you'll be able to help starving children. I hope that the foundation will be able to gather lots of donation to be able to help many starving children.


[Trans] 2011 “Heart Heart Foundation & G Market” Helping Starving Children Campaign
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Hello. This is B2M Entertainment.

Kim KyuJong who is currently the ambassador of Heart Heart Foundation
Is having “Heart Heart Foundation & G-Market” Helping Starving Children Campaign from 1-Aug onwards.
In order for these starving children to grow up healthily and for their bright future, we have this campaign and the details are as follows.

Donation period : 2011.08.01 ~ 08.31
Donation method : In the sponsor shopping, G-Market’s board, G-Market users can click on “100won Miracle” (100won per click)
Total accumulated donation will be donated to starving children’s fund.

Please share your warm hearts by clicking once with our KyuJong.

Web address :

Here's photo of Kyu Jong from the website above with Kyu Jong's message :

Hello! ^^ I am KyuJong ~
I am very happy and grateful that I can do such a good thing together with everyone of you~!
I really pray for everyone to be always filled with laughters!~
I will show you an even better image in the future~ ^^ Hope you can stay happy~!

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