Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[Notice from B2M] Kim Kyu Jong Solo Album Release

Loads of thanks to tzeyin28 for translating this notice of B2M and sharing on DS501 FB fanbpage. Glad that official notice if finally out. I have actually read on Twitter about the rumored released date. Anyway, as I am long time fans and have always been telling fans and friends that we should only believe when official notice is out. Anyway, this is really something to look forward to and fans have been anticipating this since learning about Kyu Jong doing recording. Let's wait patiently, alright? ^^


[Notice from B2M] Kim Kyu Jong’s solo album release
Chinese translation: 晓晓 @ 金奎钟国际后援会 (
English translation: @tzeyin28 + @BizhenHan @

Hi everybody.
This is B2M’s representative speaking.

Recently, through Twitter, the news about Kim Kyu Jong releasing his solo album on 9th of September is spreading like wildfire on various fansites. However, it actually came from an unknown source. Now, the exact release date hasn’t been decided yet.

Information on Kim Kyu Jong’s first solo album will be released on his official website. We’ll give you fans first-hand information. According to reports, the production of the album which is targeted for release in mid-September is still in progress.

We hope this news from an unstated source doesn’t cause any mistakes.


ping said...

people should really stop spreading rumors like fire. first their comeback in December and now Kyu's album release date. i know all of us miss them a lot but we should be patient and wait for the official notices. rumors might cause misunderstandings easily.

kj_neth05 said...

Hmmm..I wonder if he's going to release an album and do the musical at the same time... that would be exhausting and a lot of pressure, too..

Anonymous said...

i think they might clash since B2M mentioned that the album is targeted for release in mid-September and 'Goong' is 16th September - 22nd October. Hope he won't be too tired and stressed!