Saturday, August 13, 2011

[Notice from CNr] Limited Ed Not Alone Tee

I saw this photo of Not Alone tee tweeted by yangyang0402 on Twitter last night. I didn't post it since there was no available English info. I am posting this now since rainaftershine posted on her blog the notice from CNr about the tee. Thanks!


[Notice from CNr] Jung Min Limited Edition ‘Not Alone’ T-Shirt for Sales

Hello, this is CNR Media.

First of all we want to take this opportunity to thank you all fans for giving such support and love for Park Jungmin’s 2011 “Not Alone” album. In order to recompense your love, we invited Mr. Choi, Hwan-wook, a famous Korean illustrator, to design this gorgeous T-shirt for your collection. The T-shirts were manufactured by “조앤플” – a prestigeous company famous for its high quality T-shirt manufacturing. This is a product with great design and flawless quality. Moreover, this item is a limited edition for we only prepared 290 pieces for sale. There are 2 types of cotton fabrics for you to select: 1. Thin Cotton T-shirt (180pieces, S/M/L size) 2. Thick Cotten T-shirt (100 pieces, S/M size) You can buy “Not Alone” T-shirt at and we will start delivering the products from August 18.

Once again, we appreciate your great support and love, and we look forward to providing better products and services for all dearest fans. Thank you very much.

ps. For overseas purchase, you can complete the credit card transaction through your Paypal account. Simply email to: with the following information: “Item”, “Quantity”, and your “Paypal account”. We will proceed your purchase list, together with your invoice, and email it to your Paypal account. Once you receive your invoice and complete the credit card transaction, we will post your parcel and hopefully your parcel will arrive within 10 working days.

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i want one!!! but sadly... -_- my parents won't ....