Tuesday, August 02, 2011

[Notice from Group8] Musica Goong in Seoul

We are having quite a few of Kyu Jong for the past two days now.

I think since the day when it many learned that Kyu Jong will be on the musical Goong in Seoul, many are already waiting for the schedule. Well, schedule is out tonight but for the whole show. There's no announcement yet when Kyu Jong will be on stage. Here's the schedule that I lifted from the blog of Lois. Much thanks!

Crossing my fingers that I can be in Seoul in October. I need a vacation.


[Trans] Musical Goong - Official notice from Group Eight

Korean to English translation : loiskr.blogspot.com

* Title : Musical Goong, 2011
* Producer : Creative Leaders Group Eight
* Performance Period : Sept. 16, 2011 ~ Oct. 22, 2011
* Venue of Performance : Theater YONG in National Museum
* Performance Time (No performance on Monday) :
- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday : 8PM
- Saturday : 3PM & 7PM
- Sunday : 3PM
* Ticket Price :
- VIP Seat : 80,000KRW
- R Seat : 60,000KRW
- S Seat : 40,000KRW
* Main Casts : Kim Kyu Jong, Kwak Sun Young, Jung Dong Hwa & more.


slimz1808 said...

i too wannnnnnnna go ..

Anonymous said...

Hope to see him in october....

arnabgilasecretthoughts said...

OMG...kyu and the prince attire = CHARMING!!! ^^