Monday, August 01, 2011

[Pix & Vid] Kyu Jong Surprised Hyung Jun @ Mnet Wide News Recording 08.01.11

Hey, I have been moving posts up most of the time tonight. ^^ Please check additional post below.


Hyung Jun is back in Korea today after going to Japan for Hi5 and autograph signing for his new released single album. Once back, he went to record for Mnet Wide News. It's an open recording and to fans surprise probably Hyung Jun too, Kyu Jong came!

Here are fan photos from today's recording from the tweeet of Sujeong501 which was re-tweeted by iamsom. Thanks guys!

Inside Mnet?

Leaving Mnet?

Jjun at the open recording.

Getting ready.


Alright, I am adding here this video from tweeted by eednaka and re-tweeted by iamsom. This is a short video of Kyu Jong leaving the building where Mnet Wide News with Hyung Jun having a recording this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

kyu,.miss him so much..
maybe Jun miss him too...

Anonymous said...

omg..kyu and jun 2gether..u don't see this happening very often.. so happy :)
miss them all together so much!

immagnen said...

My vid is one Liezle blog! I feel so honored.

Anonymous said...

i said this b4 but i'll say it again. we, TS miss them so much, let alone the SS501. they themselves will be missing each other probably thousands or even millions time more than we do... such a warm scene it is... SS501 hwaiting!!!~

liezle said...

hi immagnen! you are immortally87? hey thanks so much for sharing and for having a steady hand in taking vid of Kyu Jong. HI5!

i am sure you're going to be at HJB's birthday party, right? enjoy and please share more.


Immagnen said...

Yes, immortally87 is my YT account. I'm surprised my hand was so steady, I was freaking out!

I'll be at HJB's party too. I'll try to get some good videos. :)

liezle said...

Have fun... have lots of fun Immagnen! I am envious. Me still thinking when the best time to be in Seoul. Haven't been there this year. I have to plan soon.

Take care, okay?


Anonymous said...

Best time might be around October? Kyu play, Baby/Leader/Saeng album. I'll be so jealous of all the people in Seoul when October comes around. I'll be back in the US by then.

Thanks liezle, you too!

Anonymous said...

From Crazy Noona's tweet! He saw KyuJong because Hyung Jun went out from the studio and called Kyu Jong, "Kyu Jong ah..." and the rest of his fans turn their heads and saw Kyu Jong.