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[Trans] Cool Magazine Exclusive Interview with Kim Kyu Jong July 25, 2011 Issue

Wow, this is a long translation done by slimz1808! HUGE thanks slimz1808 for doing this and emailing to me. So sorry to that I only got to read this tonight when I got home. I have been really busy lately.

This is a very interesting interview done by Cool writer with Kyu Jong. In this interview you'll get to know a lot of things about him like :
  • his thoughts on his role in 'Goong'
  • a little about his upcoming album (nothing much but coming from him it's exciting)
  • who are his close friends amongst the entertainers
  • know if he has any other entertainers he likes
  • find out the egg that he likes to eat! (OMG!)
  • and many more.
Really really thanks to slimz1808 for this. And before you read her translation let me share with you this note that she gave me but regardless of this note, I think slimz1808 did a good job doing the translation of this long interview.

From slimz1808 : Pardon the poor translation. Realised other than my originally poor Mandarin, my English seems to have worsen after doing this trans! if errors spotted please feel free to point out ^^ added some of my own pointers in (xxx)


[Trans] Cool Magazine Exclusive Interview with Kim Kyu Jong
English translation by slimz1008 /

Originally thought there would be some level of awkwardness as we have not met for such a long period of time. But after a few rounds of conversation we realised that it is not going to be so. Despite being more matured in certain aspects and seemingly more rebellious, he is still very much like the Kyu everyone know of and is ambushing a surprise for us. (slimz1808 : the para after this is too tough for me! gotta give up, sorry =( but the basic meaning i suppose is talking about him being solo, standing by himself yet not losing his humbleness....)

COOL's special highlights

★Cool entered B2M's office under the eyes of Fans. Kyu has already appeared while Cool was still engrossed in the posters of Hyori/YS and Kyu!★

★Kyu has lost weight again but still feeling energetic and full of zest when answering questions. Very often it was be'coz of time constraint that staff would interrupt our conversation ~ (hate!!). His mole below his mouth moving along as Kyu chattered on, gave a sexy feel.. WA~~~ during the parts of the interview when we talked about food, the glitter in his eyes shone even more brightly and he even started using a more excited tone of speech, totally oblivious to it himself!★

★Always gotta prepare to be to more alert during interviews with Kyu. Before we started, Kyu saw the 乔巴笔 (slimz1808: check on google images for this character's pen) of one of Cool's staff and went "AH 乔巴!!!" and followed on with a demo on how to use the pen .... ★

★During photo taking, Kyu secretly turned the magazine to HJL's page and kept saying how handsome his hyung is! But when he flipped to his own page, he shyly and with lightning speed flipped over it until he saw KARA's photo then he became excited again. ★

★During interview, his manager was flipping COOL's magazine's Japan column and was seriously reading up on the girls of AKB. This caused Kyu to follow suit.
Kyu to Cool: is this their ranking?
Cool: yup
Mgr to Kyu: You look at this #1... mediocre only!
Kyu: how are they mediocre!? you look at this (frantically flipping over the pages), see so cute!!! (angry)
(2nd para re GNA, i'm omitting the translation.)

★When manager was flipping another magazine and saw MARIO's photo and asked "is this Choi Si won (SJ's)?".
Cool: this is Mario, Thailand actor!". Mgr was not familiar with Mario but Kyu who was taking photos at a side suddenly commented "AH! I know him! Mario wow oh~~!". After his sudden burst of excitement which was less than 3 secs Kyu turned his face back to the camera man, continue with his cool poses... ★

★Upon hearing that there will be Polaroid shots for fans, he immediately asked for self cam, ending up with lotsa poses, feeling happy and indulged himself in self pleasures. Image consultant commented on one of the shots "Ah! this looks like Jungmin”. Cool thought they think the shot was not nicely taken and wanted to have a re-take. Cool immediately told Kyu "if you think its not satisfactory, can re-take!". Kyu immediately replied with a smile "no need for re-take, there will be people who like such funny and weird ones!".
Cool: huh?!
Kyu: joking la! (to get Kyu's Polaroid shots pls stay tuned to Cool)

Acting related questions

Cool: Its been a while since you last appear in front of fans in the capacity of a singer. What has been the focus of life all this while.
Kyu: Firstly, I had a period of rest after finishing SS501 activities last year and a series of fanmeets. It was during my rest that I received the invite to participate in GONG. Thereafter I went to Japan for GONG and came back after completing the performances.

Cool: Was it very stressful acting the highly anticipated role of "Lee Shin"?
Kyu: This being my first time into musical, the stress level is definitely high and demanding. Being the main lead cast I could feel the expectations of audiences and thus felt burdened. Other cast members were very supportive advising me to be more relax and reminding me that "you are not alone, just relax and try your best". Felt great after the successful completion of all the performances.

Cool: Was any special methods applied in the training of acting skills?
Kyu: As my normal speaking style, which is fast paced and in a low (volume) voice, is not ideal for musical performances, more effort was put into correcting that as compared to improving my acting skills. I've also watched a lot of other musicals and their dramas and also the stage of Yunho, picking up a lot from these which were of much help.

Cool: Everyone was shocked when news of you casting as "Lee Shin" was released, much of the reason being the vast difference in your own character and that of LS. Are you satisfied with the performance?
Kyu: I was pretty hesitate and worried initially. Was also deciding between "LS" and "rui". After discussions with management, it was advised that to take on a role which is opposite of myself would be of much aid in my advancement in the area of acting. Such decision would also portray a new and handsome image for fans. Hence I took up this challenge (smile).

Cool: From your performances its seems that apart from the singing, you were also very focused on the acting. What was the image you wanted to portray from your acting?
Kyu: When the director was explaining the musical to me, I ever harbored thoughts like "this must be tough!", "can I do well?". But I really received lots of help and encouragement from fellow casts and thus able to finish the performances successfully. "So long as I work hard and seriously, it will naturally turn out to be good, without the need to put in deliberate efforts to make myself good". I am now more confident of myself after the completion of this new area of challenge. It would be good if in future I can perform out of Korea! (smile).

Cool: When did you start having interest in acting?
Kyu: I When I first acted out the role according to the scripts on the stage, I can feel the uniqueness of acting. Music is something that can bring across a feeling/message to audiences within a short time and also show my true self to audiences. Acting is about creating many new and different 'me', Hence regardless of GONG or any future works, I would also like to try out many other roles. (slimz1808 : frankly dun c the link in his answer to the qn here... haa.. and it happened to some of the questions below)

Cool: What kind of roles do you want to take up?
Kyu: As I started out as a singer, I find standing on the actor's stage pretty tough regardless of whether I'm interested in acting. I received acting jobs during my days as a singer. At that time my focus was not in acting. After learning bits by bits along the way, it arouses my interest and hence would want to take up more different challenges.

Cool: It seems like you like horror movies? Kyu: Yes, love it! Coz its something that do not happen in reality... at times felt that some things seem to have appeared in dreams~

Cool: During our previous interview with Jungmin (slimz1808: dunno issit SS501's min or GONG's min), he said he will be able to do a good job acting out a role which is 'bad on the outside but kind in the inside", reason being that this is the original him. For yourself, do you prefer to act a role which is similar to yourself or one that is different from yourself?
Kyu: The roles that I would like may not be from those romantic dramas or a role who need not ponder much about the thinking of the opposite female role. As acting is not my forte, I'm contented so long as I can use my own style to act out a role which audience can accept.

Cool: What kind of acting would you think is good acting?
Kyu: Frankly speaking, my stage performances have not appeared on TV for a while. I did receive lots of invites, but I've been busy learning acting recently and is also feeling much anxiety for the role. I kept working hard and at the same time held on to the thoughts that "I'm still lacking in many areas, there are still much room for hardwork and improvement".

Cool: This the first time Kyu is challenging acting. Did you receive any advice from other experienced actors?
Kyu: Received a very memorable piece of advice from Cha Tae Hyun at the beginning. He said "just portray your normal original self, use your own style and speech to act out the role. This will enable audiences to accept you more easily". Hence I relaxed myself and tried out his advices. Results of was a very much fluent speech and was pretty happy b'cos of that.

Cool: Did Kyu set a goal for yourself? liking for any particular actor?
Kyu: Liked Ha Jung-Woo of Korea,Jay Chou of China (slimz1808 : actually is singer of TW) is also very talented,for America/Europe would be Johnny Depp whose acting skills is really superb,for Japan wold be Shun Oguri.

Music, coming~

Cool: Kyu has 3 solos under your belt. 《Wuss up》《Never Let You Go》《Confession》. Are you satisfied with your performance thus far? Which is your favourite?
Kyu: All has their own individual charm. My personal favourite would be 《Wuss up》. However as this was my first solo song, there are definitely more room for improvement. Currently I'm preparing for my new songs and recordings. Hope would be able to bring a handsome stage and nice songs!

Cool: All other SS members have had their solos except yours which is still on the way. Can divulge what's the plans thereafter?
Kyu: Firstly, I do feel the stress after seeing all the other members' handsome comeback! As things are still under planning stage, I'm not able to confirm any dates, hence is still on the look out for a time for comeback. Seeing good advancement in the career of the other SS members, I would prefer to CB with a more handsome image rather than to rush into CB asap. Will CB only after good preparation.

Cool: How's your solo album coming?
Kyu: Currently still preparing for the songs

Cool: What's your views on your members' solos?
Kyu: Everyone is still like in the past. Speaking out their minds, saying "this is mediocre", "that is awesome" directly. Everyone would feel good after speaking out and also would be able to accept critcs and change for the better, portraying a much better image. (slimz1808 : another answer that dun link to question ...?? mabbe he's trying to say all did their best...)

Cool: It seems that their solos has been very different from previous works. Would yours be likewise?
Kyu: Secret, this is a secret ah~(hides). This time would want to portray a totally new image, hence please look forward to it! (smiles)

Cool: During SS, the style of music is pretty limited. As for yourself, what genre of music do you want to challenge?
Kyu: Eh, I received many songs of varying genre, with different appeals. Thoughts like "how to bring out the feel of this song?""is it tough?""does it suits me?" surfaced during song choosing making it tough to choose. Would like to try all regardless of Ballad、Pop、Jazz、R&B、Rock….Identifying one that suits me most. I think rather than saying what I want, its more about finding what suits me more.

Cool: Ever thought of being producer? or train new trainees in future?
Kyu: I would have to learn more for that. Although I'm not at a stage whereby I can make good music (slimz1808: aka good music producer), I am however involved in the production of my own solo album. Appreciate everyone's patient waiting! Anyway I'm still young (smiles)~ HWAITING!! (clenched fist)

Character that is maturing with experiences

Cool: In the past you are the center of SS, shy KKJ etc. Are you still shy to express yourself nowadays?
Kyu: Frankly a lot of fans and friends find that I have become more tough, the before and after of GONG is a totally different me! My confidence level increased tremendously after GONG. I'm now more confident and have more inner strength to face challenges, different from the shy me in the past.

Cool: What's the biggest change in character in yourself since debut?
Kyu: Changed a lot! Although don't know the specific reason, but with the passing of time I have become more outgoing and witty. Used to be more cautious and careful in the past, can't even talk when nervous and not much friends. Have now thrown away that self and wont be like in the past anymore! (smiles)
Cool: What is the most valuable character of yourself?
Kyu: Actually I really do not like my own character, strong curiosity and always thinking too much. A matter which others can forget/pass over fast and easily, may take me more time to get over. I'm not able to let it go as easily as I think too much into it. hmmm.. looks like I am not a good lover .. (slimz1808 : Sigh, Cool: huge jump in thoughts ah~~)
Cool: What do you look for when making frens?
Kyu: I will be able to know from one's eyes expression and tone of speech during our first encounter if this person will be a friend. In the first conversation, if one is bad, regardless of his deliberate attempts to disguised with good speech, his eyes expression and style of conversation will be portray his true self, so it will not be difficult to confuse such a person with a good person.

Cool: Who is some of the entertainers whom you are closer with?
Kyu: SS members, Kara's Kang Jiyoung who is like a sister, FTIsland's Lee Hongki, for same aged friends would be BIGBANG's TOP (pause)... think he is not of same age, so I dont have any friends! (laughs)

Cool: What is the most interesting thing you have heard from friendsrecently?
Kyu: .... i just came back from Japan havent got a chance to meet up with frens... really want to find time to gather and play. In the past been playing bowling with frens, really wanna go bowling soon. (eyes brimming with tears)

Cool: Looking at your desire for it, should be very good at it!
Kyu: Uh ...hahaha!

Cool: How about during this time when you were alone, did you meet with any interesting things?
Kyu: fun things.... (playing with earrings) ... recently been in Japan busy with training and performances...
Cool: Everyone's reaction to the kiss scene in GONG is very big!
Kyu: Ah, originally the kiss was to be the ending scene of the performance and lightings should dim immediately after the kiss. However I clearly remember for one of the performances, when the lighting coordinator did not dim the lights after the kiss and we had to kiss for longer, it drew lotsa attention from fans and causing fans to shout "too long! (laugh)

Cool: HAHAHA! The LOVE story in GONG is very beautiful. In reality, what is your own views of LOVE?
Kyu: I am one who will grab on to the chance once i meet someone I like, regardless of the ending. Will develop the relationship under such thinking ... (blushing~) Really want to have a date with someone I like soon.A anyway I'm getting older already. Wanna have a date soon. Really envy those who are in love ah!

Cool: Any change to your ideal partner?
Kyu: Entertainer Oh Se-jeong is still my ideal type. In the past would look for one who gives the right feel. Recently felt cutesy partners are also fine, Krystal of f(x) is also very charming!

Cool: How do you improve yourself during your daily life?
Kyu: Actually I've learnt quite a bit of music knowledge, increasing my artistic knowledge, watched a lot of movies and exhibts.

Cool: You seem like one who fantasises. If one day you are given the powers to save Earth, what's the foremost thing you wanna do?
Kyu: I really like SPIDERMAN (stared at Cool's reporter who was laughing). REALLY REALLY like! If can be such a hero, be like in the movie, I will be able to be at danger zone to save/solve the situation! UH~really like!

Cool: Held Fanmeeting with YS at various countries previously. Did anything memorable happened then?
Kyu: Before the FM, was pretty worried tgr with YS. Often thinking if we will be able pull off FM in so many countries. However the support we got from all the countries we visited was so tremendous and that enabled us to welcome 2011 with a good start. Really thankful. I will be back to see everyone!

COOL: Your various trips to China in the past is for work, did you by any chance had a private personal trip before? (slimz1808 : china i suppose refers to china, HKG and TW?)
Kyu: Nope. Ate alot of nice chinese foods during our China trips like roost duck, dim sum, drink and other special foods. Also had a type of egg which is good for body .....
Cool: Is it the type of hairy egg?!!! you had that? I dont dare to eat!
Kyu: I also din.. heee... if next time have the chance need to tour China!
(slimz1808 : OMG, ladies try and hit google images for this word "毛蛋" to know what he is referring to!!!) [liezle : OMG! he likes that kind of egg?! I wonder if he ate this also in the Philippines]

Cool: If visit China, what do you look forward to most and what's most feared of?
Kyu: Fear of probably none. China is huge, would want to visit all parts. Frankly I haven even explore all of Korea~ But if given a chance really must visit China, visit the Great Wall. And would also want to visit the movie sceneries in those epic drama movies~

Cool: Lastly, please say something to China fans
Kyu: Everyone in China, I'm KKJ! Havent seen you for ages, really misses everyone! Hope everyone is healthy and feeling happy. I will be back with my new work soon! I love you all!


Chara said...

Kyu at it's best. I guess, I can even understand his thoughts here:
"Cool: What is the most valuable character of yourself?
Kyu: Actually I really do not like my own character, strong curiosity and always thinking too much. A matter which others can forget/pass over fast and easily, may take me more time to get over. I'm not able to let it go as easily as I think too much into it. hmmm.. looks like I am not a good lover .. "


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Wow..... Thankyu slimz1808 for the insight into Kyu!

He seems to have come into his own.... Keep it up Kyu!!! And keep surprising us... Me LOVES surprizes.....

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thanks for the translation! quite long so thanks a lot! :) OH MY!! Kyu wants to try that egg!? i can accompany him!! hahaha.. i hope he would like it because i like that egg.. :D hahaha..

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"Secret, this is a secret ah~(hides)"

I'm glad that Kyu became more confident after Goong :)

Thanks slimz1808 for the translation ^^

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big thanks to slimz1808 for the long trans and fun interview!
Kyu Jong is the most adorable guy ever! XD everything he says or does is KYUt! <3

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