Sunday, August 07, 2011

[Trans] Jung Min Weibo Update 08.06.11

Jung Min's Taiwanese drama is well on it's way as the drama started filming some days ag0. Rumor has it that the English title is 'Fondant Garden'. Just by the title of it we are surely going to see lots of cakes and pastries. From the weibo photos being released by Jung Min and his co-stars, we have been seeing them creating beautiful cakes.

Last night, Jung Min updated his weibo with photos again with messages. Here are the photos and Jung Min's messages translated by MarsCharisma on Twitter. Thanks!

What I'm making a Cake for U All

Happy Valentine's Day
[110806 was Chinese Valentine's Day]

This photo below is from Lia Lee's FB who co-stars with Jung Min in his Taiwanese drama. On the background is Jung Min learning to make a cake.


tingxy said...

Haha look at Jung Min's hair at the last picture! Maybe he doesn't know that he's caught on camera~ :D

Anonymous said...

lol he so cute

Anonymous said...

lol he so cute