Monday, August 08, 2011

[Vids] Dual 'Let It Go' Performance ^_^

I was actually contemplating earlier if I would post this video of Young Saeng or not as I do not have any idea if the clip shown on ETN was recorded yesterday or not. Then I decided to post after I've seen the video below re-tweeted by Sudal (@).

Before watching the last video, let me share with you first this video of
Young Saeng when he performed at Special Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting International Camp yesterday (?). Here's cut of Young Saeng's performance from ETN. Much thanks to for the YT upload.

Now, check this video and I am certain it'll give you a big smile and/or a big laugh.

The kid is just so adorable! The 'Let it go... Let it go...' part is just so cute!


Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle, the vid of Saeng is from the same weekend as the superconcert so the last weekend of July, either the 30th or 31st.

vjmyx09 said...

the second vid is soooooo cute!! :) thanks for sharing it.. :D A MUST WATCH! :)

Anonymous said...

aigoo!!!!!!mini young saengah!!!!sooo adorable

i wonder what the YS and the other SS501 members would react to this vid clip?ROFL!!!!!

Chara said...

OMG!!! Thank you liezle!!! It made me forget my stomache ache! ^^

Chara said...

Addendum: OMG! Again!!! He looks so good and heathy now again. His performance is brilliant! He SMILES!!! OMG! An angel must be bz his side! I want him forever like this.

I'm sick of worrying like I did in his Solo-debut days!

Anonymous said...

that little kid is sooooooooo cuuute!

I wonder what if YS has seen this yet?