Sunday, February 26, 2012

[Article] 'Fondant Garden' Gained Positive Comments

Much thanks to RoyalPJM for another article shared on their blog which you can visit HERE is you want updated news about Jung Min.

Honestly, when I was watching the romantic comedy drama last Friday, of course I was disappointed when I heard Jung Min's dubbed Chinese voice. Much as I really wanted it to be I want to hear Jung Min speak in the drama Chinese regardless how he delivers his Chinese lines. Put the director opted to dubbed his voice for a better understanding of the Chinese viewers. In fairness to the dubber though and to the voice editor, I find it that the dubbing was not really that bad. But as a Jung Min fan you would easily know that it's not him.

Anyway, as I have been telling earlier, I just hope that if ever they will release a DVD version of this drama, they will consider using Jung Min's real voice in the scenes where he speaks Chinese.

Btw, by any chance, has anyone know what the 1st episode rating is?


[News] Park Jung Min Bilingual Attack Gains Positive Comments From Netizens

Source: 中國時報 / 洪秀瑛/台北報導
Eng Translations: RoyalPJM (

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CTV Idol drama starts airing on the 24th February, gains praises from netizens, potential increment in viewership, Park Jung Min's mixture of Chinese & Korean, netizens find it new and interesting, the Chinese voice dubber Eli Si was safe from attacks, viewers can feel that he has made efforts to adjust his voice to suit the role in the drama, praises his dubbing to be professional and natural.

Both Park Jung Min and Kingone are the lead male in the drama, netizens are protecting their own biases, think that Kingone is handsome, Park is cute, the pairing with Jian Man Shu is refreshing. She acted as a skilled baker, a scene in the drama was her having Ginseng Chicken Soup, netizens says " This drama is too oppressive, is a drama that makes people hungry while watching" Her expressions was being described as "Naturally Foolish".

The "Behind The Scenes" are causing the netizens to fall over from laughter, Park Jung Min is hilarious, because he often forgets his lines causing NG, he admitted through the camera that he is "Spoiled" (meaning his head is spoilt), he even played "1 second becomes single eyelid", when rehearsing for the drama, he accidentally says that Jian Man Shu is his "Boy"friend, Kingone teases him and says: "So are you her boyfriend, or are you her girlfriend?"

In the drama he acted as someone who dose not want to take over the family business thus having lots of conflicts with his father, in real life he revealed, initially his family was against him entering the Entertainment Industry, because his father was a rather conservative person, hopes that he will be a normal office worker, however he insist and did not give up, had conflicts with his family, but because he is the youngest in the family, he just have to act coquettishly to his father and everything will be alright.


kelly said...

I think the dubber did a good job without the awkwardness.

The ratings are always out on Monday evening online newspaper:,5137,tv,00.html

yyann said...

the rating was 0.6 on chinese wiki~

Anonymous said...

really?? the rating was 0.6?? so pity..... -_-

Anonymous said...

another poster posted it was 8.8 on weibo. that was the rating for the first episode...i'd wait for confirmation monday.

sinthia said...

yyyya Min's acting is pretty good!!!! He makes me laugh endlessly with that :"I'm not even a horse!" LOL Such a sarcastic sentence. xb I'm so happy because his drama is too good!!

I loved the first episode!!!^^
Although I had to pause at each sentence to be able to read the subs(taiwanese speak very fast!xb), I had a lot of fun watching it! Jung Min acting is pretty good! and the drama itself is very catchy.^^

Min is totally crazy!!! xD Can't stop laughing for his NGs!!! How he could spoil the scene just to be funny!! Seriously he's the BEST!! LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!! ^^

I'm already anticipating the next episodes.

Anonymous said...

the highest weekday drama ranks at 4 and the highest weekend drama ranks at 2.5
if it really is .6 for the first episode its believable... i hope itll go up to like 3 or 4 at least ... jungminnie is hoping for an 18 percent tho lol
maybe we can find a way to make the ratings on viki go really high ... ?