Friday, February 24, 2012

Surge of Pix from 'Fondant Garden' Premiere 02.23.12

'Fondant Garden' going start at 10PM tonight. Go check your TV if you have CTV or check the streaming links posted HERE.

While we wait for 10PM to come, let me share here photos from YES taken at yesterday's 'Fondant Garden' premiere. Thanks to veggiedelight for sending the photos.

Jian Shu Man cut her locks and it is so short. But it fits her because her face is so small. She is actually cute.

Btw, 'Fondant Garden' making and behind the scenes will be broadcast every Friday right after each episode at 11.30pm. Much thanks to @501wangja for the translation last night on Twitter.

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Anonymous said...

the girl with the short hair looks like raine yang