Thursday, February 09, 2012

Teaser Vids of 'Fondant Garden'

Jung Min is asking you what you like... coffee, cake or him. ^^

Here are four cute teasers from the upcoming CTV drama 'Fondant Garden' which is set to start broadcasting on the 24th of February at 10PM. Much thanks to @yyann for the tips on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

i like him ^_^

Anonymous said...

me too but he sounds like a kindie kid learning chinese phonic quite cute though

sinthia said...

I choose him of course!!xb
it seems that his character will be as cute as him. ^^
After see these teasers I got even more anxiety to watch this drama. I think we'll have a lot of laughs with him.

Anonymous said...

Park Jung Min! Park Jung Min! WOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

so cute can't wait to watch it !