Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hyun Joong, Young Saeng & Kyu Jong @ KARASIA

Just shoving this here though I know a lot already knows about this. Three members of SS501 went to watch former DSP family member KARA who just had first concert in five years (2nd night tonight) in Seoul Olympic Park Stadium (same venue as Persona). Hyun Joong, Young Saeng and Kyu Jong gave their support to KARA tonight. They came in separately. Kyu Jong also went yesterday.

Here are photos taken by fans as proof that they were there.

Kyu Jong just before the show started yesterday.
(sorry forgot who originally tweeted.
anyway, thanks to cll_slam10's tweet)

Young Saeng's backview
(thanks to cll_slam10's tweet)

Hyun Joong surrounded by his bodyguards.
(courtesy of @HIRAHARABOO/ Twitter)

I think if Jung Min and Hyung Jun are both in Seoul, they would have also attended KARA's first concert. As everyone knows, Jung Min is in Taiwan promoting 'Fondant Garden' and Hyung Jun is in Hawaii filming more scenes for 'Glowing She'.

Other stars also went to support KARA tonight are Rainbow, JaeJoong, Key, IU and more. Yesterday aside from Kyu Jong, SHINee members Lee Min Ho and Jonghyun as well as B2ST‘s Dongwoon went to the concert.

Btw, yesterday in behalf of B2M, Lee Hyori, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong and SPICA sent flowers to KARA. As some already knows, B2M and DSP somehow goes a long way.

Here's the flowers that was sent for KARA.

courtesy of _sweethara's tweet


Anonymous said...

Wow! Wonderful of them to support their dongsaengs! I guess they couldn't sit together since that'll probably cause too much disturbance among the fans. Would love to see them interacting^^

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong was together with JaeJoong.
OMG, 2 flower boys.
Hope HJ is happy with his best buddy this days.

Anonymous said...

So nice of them to show support for their juniors,now we can see who is really loyal and grateful.

Anonymous said...

hyunjoong soo miss you and you looks good although i can see just a fraction of you...thats the power you have over me your fan

Anonymous said...

Happy to know that my Hyun Joongie having fun with his best buddy Jae Joong on Kara's concert.
Miss him so much while he is in hiatus!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish they could've sit together or took a pic backstage...that must have made many Triple S very very happy.

Anonymous said...

this would have been their reunion :(

Anonymous said...

awww so cute !

Anonymous said...

this news made TS so extremely happy..miss them..

kelly said...

Hearing about them and Jaejoong being at the same place is happy enough :))))

Anonymous said...

whoever is convenient to be with then go together, It is a spare time :)
I am happy they show the support to the group the same time giving themselves a break as a audience.
Enjoy the concert ^___^

sinthia said...

oh.. so sweet they go support their dongsaengs! ^^ hope jung min and Hyung jun can go next time!
I wish i could go attend kara's concert too.. i like them so much! <3

Anonymous said...

I wish to see a clear pic Hyun Joong and JeaJong together.
Hyun Joong talks JeaJoong is best closed friend.