Thursday, February 16, 2012

[Pix] Young Saeng @ 'I Need a Fairy' PressCon 02.15.12 from Amorino

Thanks to cll_slam 10 for the tip on Twitter about the upload of Young Saeng from Amorino's webby.

As everyone knows, Young Saeng together with the other casts of the soon to broadcast sitcom 'I Need a Fairy' had a presscon yesterday. Photos of Young Saeng taken by the shutterbugs of his fanclubs have been shared in their respective websites and I am sharing one set here from the shutterbug of Amorino.

There is a very interesting article about Young Saeng from StarNews that can be seen HERE. He talked about acting on TV for the first time and mentioned the other members of SS501. There is a special mention on Kyu Jong and I am not wrong, he said something about Kyu Jong's acting with his eyes. I wish that there will be someone who can share with us the translation in English.

'I Need a Fairy' will kick-off on the 27th of February over at KBS2.

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Chara said...

he's shining... ^^

like a star.