Saturday, February 18, 2012

[Pix] More 'Park Jung Min Photos from 'Fondant Garden' 1st Promo Event 02.15.11 by Tungstar

I just saw these set of photos of Jung Min with the Jian Man Shu and Lia Lee of 'Fondant Garden' from the post of of 00lanse in Baudu. This was taken on the 15th of February when the casts had their 1st event.

'Fondant Garden' will start it's broadcast next Friday, 24th of February at 10PM over at CTV.

Here are nicely taken photos of Jung Min from Tungstar.

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Anonymous said...

delicious Jungmin..ow i meant delicious cakes! lol so excited for this! God bless you Jungmin! =D