Friday, February 24, 2012

[Article] Jung Min Said He Loves to Cook & Fried Rice

Oh, I wish that video of this is already up on YouTube. Please let us know where to watch this show.

Much thanks again to RoyalPJM for this article. When I was reading this, didn't get what the 'fried rice' thing is until it was explained here. ^_^ Hee...


[News] Park Jung Min admits that he loves ‘fried rice’ with his girlfriend, attracting female University students expressing their love for him

Source: YES Entertainment
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Park Jung Min and Lia Lee were invited to 'University' (大学生了没) as guest. When the female university students saw their idols, they began to scream crazily. Even the host, Matilda Tao falls for him and said that "I am very excited to seeing a handsome guy in the morning." This episode will discuss about "University students still loves anime". Park Jung Min replied that he also loves it, displaying a handsome playful boy side.

Matilda Tao was curious if both of them had a kiss scene in the drama. Lia Lee replied "No." while Park Jung Min used Chinese to reply "But I have a kiss scene, with Jian Shu Man." which made the fans jealous. When Park Jung Min was asked if he will cook for his girlfriend, Park Jung Min's reply stunned everyone. He said "I love to cook, but I love 'fried rice'..." which attracted screams and laughs from the audience. Ah Ken cannot help but to say "Amazing."

But Park Jung Min was bewildered as he does not know the other meaning for 'fried rice'. In Taiwan, it means 'having sex'. Park Jung Min's ideal girl is simple, he said "I like interesting and pleasant girls". Matilda Tao asked "Have you ever asked your girlfriend to dress up?" He thought for a long time and shyly replied "It should be good as long as it’s not Pikachu." Upon everyone's request, he posed a Tony Tony Chopper in front of the camera. The female university students exclaimed "So handsome! So Cute!"

Everyone was playing cosplay at the recording. Some dressed as Pikachu and angry bird, etc. Female university student, Lolita even wore 'Clairvoyant outfit' and even confessed to Park Jung Min, shouting "I love you!" Park Jung Min generously responded "I love you too!" which made her really happy and she even further requested for a hug. Park Jung Min was okay with it and she 'flew' into her idol's arm. She was so happy that she tears.

T/N: He really DOESN'T KNOW the other meaning for fried rice, don't misunderstood him.

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