Wednesday, February 08, 2012

[Vids] Hyun Joong is Back in Korea 02.08.12

After staying in Japan for several weeks and successfully launched his debut in Japan Hyun Joong is back to his home country. As Japanese fans bid him goodbye at Haneda, Korean fans welcomed him back warmly. Here are videos taken by Hyun Joong's fanclubs based in Korea at Gimpo Airport.

Please DO NOT re-upload the following videos in any other streaming sites including YouTube.

courtesy of of www.kimhyunjoong24

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Btw, I read from the tweet of wonderrrgirl that Hyun Joong went to Jaksal Ilsan to visit his parents.


Anonymous said...

welcome home uri hyunjoong.From what i see you are looking happy and healthy the two most important aspect in life.Stay happy and positive always....

Anonymous said...

His car is beautiful.
Love Hyun Joong and the car.

Anonymous said...

He's such a good boy. His parents must be so proud of him.

Wow... Nice car but I always imagined him owning a sports car. LOL