Friday, February 24, 2012

[Article] Jung Min Enjoys Taiwan Food & Night Market

Another article about Jung Min. This time it talks about how he enjoys night market and eating Taiwanese food.

Hmm, Jung Min mentioned that he ate a lot. Wonder where he's food is going. It doesn't look that he gains weight.

Anyway, much thanks again to RoyalPJM for another translation to read to keep us a bit occupied while we wait for the time of broadcast of Fondant Garden.


[News] Park Jung Min shopped in night market, played with UFO catcher happily
Source: Liberty Times
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South Korea group SS501's member Park Jung Min came to Taiwan for a long stay to film for drama 'Fondant Garden'. Not only his Chinese improved tremendously, he also ate lots of delicious Taiwan food and often went to the night market with the staff members after filming for supper. He laughed and said that because of this, he put on weight and will go on diet with only boiled vegetables and chicken breast once he returned to Korea. Although there are night markets in Korea, there are not much things sold compared to the ones in Taiwan. Park Jung Min really loves to visit and shop in the Taiwan night market because he can see a variety of interesting things.

Park Jung Min's favourite snack from the night market will be the crispy chicken steak, Korea does not have this kind of food which is really crispy. Although the calorie for the crispy chicken is shocking, Park Jung Min laughed and said "I will tell myself that this is chicken breast, so it doesn't matter!" He will need to eat crispy chicken and drink pearl milk tea after filming every day.

Another favourite snack from Park Jung Min is oyster omelette. He explained that because he cannot withstand the spiciness in Korean cuisine. The sweet sauce in Taiwan suits his taste bud instead. In addition, he already loves eating oyster so when oyster omelette with sweet sauce really makes him irresistible and praised delicious.

Loves Tony Tony Chopper

Park Jung Min's 8 years old nephew really loves Tony Tony Chopper from 'One Piece' and he specially brought a Tony Tony Chopper hat in the night market, saying that he will be bringing back to Korea. He even succeed in bargaining with the boss. After that, sharp-eyed Park Jung Min spotted Tony Tony Chopper's hat in a UFO catcher and shouted that he wants to play. He played it 4 times but he did not succeed in catching. The staffs and fans around him even cheered for him. In the end, he finally caught a mini Tony Tony Chopper's hat and could not hide his excitement and said that his nephew will be very happy.

Rain-idol, well deserved reputation

Staff revealed that Park Jung Min has the title of 'Rain God' in Korea. Whenever he is having activities, it will always be raining. And when he came to Taiwan for filming, they often encounter with the wet weather. When they were visiting the night market that day, it was actually a fine weather when suddenly, it started to drizzle. Staff members felt that it was amazing, 'Rain god' really deserve its reputation. Park Jung Min will be returning to Taiwan today. When he was asked what he wants to do when he go back to Korea, he laughed and replied that he wants to visit a doctor to cure his cold. He ensures that once 'Fondant Garden' rating hits 5%, he will visit Taiwan again and treats everyone with his handmade kimchi pancake.

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