Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[Pix] Young Saeng with Friends

This morning when a friend of Young Saeng, KimseAd, posted photos of them gathering in someone else's house on Twitter, some fans immediately recognized whose house it belongs to. And I am sure even without I writing it here, you would have already guested, right?

Here are the photos posted by KimseAd , and the translation of his tweet to this particular photo.

"Today, we're having a wonderful gathering, 3:3 win, totally successful (it is a gathering with his baseball & basketball team mates) http://photonui.com/2WZV"

Much thanks to cll_slam10 for the translation. Could it be that Young Saeng and his friends had a game yesterday?

Below photos are two more photos in which KimseAd shared on his yfrog account.

Oh the last photo, do you guys noticed all the framed photos on the wall? I guess some of them are gifts from fans and one of which is from @alisongan, a Singaporean. She gave that collage to Young Saeng last October as her birthday gift to him.

Below is a closer look of the 113 photo collage which Alison started doing in August. According to her she wanted something unique and memorable.To make the collage more significant she decided to put stickers that depicted his hobbies such as photography, baseball and basketball.

When she flew to Seoul last October she had the big frame bubble-wrapped and delivered to B2M, not knowing if Young Saeng would get the birthday gift at all. Until, KimseAd tweeted the above photos today and tadah! her birthday gift to Young Saeng (amongst his fans' gifts) is displayed in his house! Alison is in heaven the whole day. ^_^

Young Saeng may not be the kind to show off fans' gift but hey, the proof is there in his house that he does keep gifts given by fans. Sweet, yah?


kelly said...

Very sweet indeed. Hiding all the fans' gifts at home, in his own personal space.

Alison is very creative. It is really hard work though she probably enjoys it and now is in cloud nine :) Congrats, Alison!

Alison Gan said...

Thanks Kelly! It is very gratifying to know when my 'mission' has been accomplished!

Anonymous said...

Wow... hats off to you Alison and our sweetie Sangie must be very happy to receive this great thoughful gift. You must be a huge fan of him (I am too but not a great artist like you)! I can totally feel your excitement and probably will faint if I were you^^ This is such a wonderful news to know!

Anonymous said...

wah i like seanggie's house soo cozy...

Alison Gan said...

Thank you for all your kind comments!