Saturday, February 25, 2012

[Full Vid] Fondant Garden EP 1 02.24.12

I saw last night Fondant Garden not using the live streaming. I am so happy that one of the cable providers we have in our house has CTV. So no buffering for me and so elated to have watch it on big and wide screen.

For those who was not able to watch it either on TV or live streaming, here is the full episode 1 in five parts courtesy of YouTube channel.

Do not fail to see this cute romantic comedy. From beginning to end, though not understanding the whole drama, I find myself smiling big and laughing at Jung Min. He is handsome, cute and his comic acting is so natural.

After the drama, there is a few minutes of BTS and i died from laughing at Jung Min. He is so adorably funny! Go check the drama and the BTS. You will certainly love it and will look forward to the next episode.

Btw, I was so so satisfied with episode one but just for one thing and I am sure all of us will agree to this... Jung Min's dubbed Chinese voice. But overall, again, I super enjoyed watching this light drama. I hope if there is going to be a DVD the Chinese voice of JM is not dubbed.


Anonymous said...

can I ask what your cable provider is? thanks!

liezle said...

The one I used to watch is Global-Destiny.



Anonymous said...

vikii finished dubbing episode 1 in 5 languages this past weekend. i really enjoy FG and agree with you that they should give us the option of listening to JM's actual voice with no dubbing on the dvd. i hope they'll continue to give us the BTS clip in every episode.