Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[Vid] 'Fondant Garden' 2nd Teaser

The broadcast of the romantic comedy which stars Park Jung Min entitled 'Fondant Garden' over at CTV will soon begging on the 24th of February at 10PM. Second teaser came out yesterday (if I am not mistaken) and I am shoving it here to share with you. Much thanks to for sharing on her YT channel.

As the broadcast gets nearer, Jung Min is back in Taiwan yesterday after returning to Seoul last Thursday to do some activities to promote. After his activities in Taiwan (which I think will only be short) he will then go back to Seoul and concentrate on his Japanese album. With that, I am so looking forward to his return. ^_^

Much thanks for all the infos on this report to yyann.

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DeeDee2023 said...

So am I looking forward to Jung Min's return. Can't wait to see this romantic comedy.