Thursday, February 16, 2012

[Article] Young Saeng Admires Kyu Jong Acting

The article I mentioned earlier has already been translated. Much thanks to xiaochu for the translation and for sharing on Quiante501.

Kyu Jong's acting talent was never left unnoticed by Young Saeng. He mentioned that during yesterday's presscon of 'Sent from Heaven' (official Englsh title which is A.K.A. 'I Need a Fairy').


[News] Heo YoungSaeng “Like KyuJong’s Acting With His Eyes The Most Among SS501 Members”
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


SS501 Heo YoungSaeng named KyuJong as the person with the most outstanding acting skills among SS501 members.

On 15-Feb, KBS new daily sitcom ‘Sent From Heaven (Previously literally translated as ‘I Need A Fairy’) press conference was held at Daechi-dong Convention Diament, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, with Cha InPyo, Shim HyeJin, Hwangwoo SeulHye, Lee DooIl, Yoon JiMin, Park HeeJin, WooRi, Park MinWoo, MinJi, Choi JungWon, ShinWoo, Go ChanSoo PD, etc attended the event.

In the sitcom, Heo YoungSaeng will be appearing as a singer too, he expressed his feelings at the press conference on that day “This is the first time I am doing a sitcom, so I am very nervous and looking forward to it.”

And as to whether members who went into acting before him gave him any advices, he responded “I haven’t been in contact with them since the sitcom started.”

In addition, out of Kim HyunJoong, Kim HyungJun and Kim KyuJong, he named Kim KyuJong as the member whom he thinks has the best acting skills, he said “Even though the other members are good in acting too, Kim KyuJong’s acting with his eyes is really good so it attracted my attention. I hope I will be good as an actor too.”

Heo YoungSaeng added “I will be showing myself always smiling in this sitcom. I hope viewers can smile together with me when they see me smiling”, telling us about his role in the sitcom.

‘Sent From Heaven’ is about a funny pair of fairy mother & daughter ChaeHwa (HwangWoo SeulHye) and WangMo (Kim HyeJin) who came to earth for a while, but lost their winged clothes, thus had to stay on earth and experience life on earth. The first broadcast will be on 27-Feb, and will compete with MBC ‘High Kick, Revenge of the Short-Legged’ which airs at the same timeslot.

*'acting with the eyes' is quite a literal translation. It's more like when a person is acting out the emotions with the look of his eyes.


zaza said...

He himself is also really good in acting. I admire his acting very much since I watched Idol World. At that time I directly thought that he was much better than Hyun Joong in BOF.

Anonymous said...

he forgot to mention park jung min..wohoho

Anonymous said...

Not he forgot, the reporter forgets. When Fondant Garden is out, people will remember :)

YS can act and will be wonderful in comedy. Full trust in him. Just watched the funny pizza CF a few days back. He is really funny.


Anonymous said...

Let wait to see who will be more famous with his drama.

Anonymous said...

I rather they be labelled as good actors. Famous does not equate to good because many other factors can make a person famous or popular.

The boys are all doing well. Such a wonderful feeling.


liezle said...

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I have to click that 'not spam' choice for your posts to be published.
I am letting you know about this bec you might think that comments are being moderated. They're not. ^^

Just for your info.


Anonymous said...

Thanks liezle. Not sure what is wrong with my blog. Even after signing in, I still cannot see my name and end up being anonymous :)


Anonymous said...

saengie admired kyu is the #1 on the group, so who is the 2nd one up to kyu's level.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so we'll be seeing the always smiling YS in the sitcome....too excited and really anticipating it....

Anonymous said...

I agree with YongSeang. I love Leader, I love JungMin, and I love HyungJun as well, but KyuJong is the better actor when you compare the four of them. His acting is quite natural, it feels very real. I do consider him the best actor of SS501. He just needs to hone his skills. I hope he gets an even better role soon!

Anonymous said...

i want to see the others to win awards too so which of them four will match least a rookie or popularity so my guess is...aaahh cant decide

Anonymous said...

kyu is the #1 among all. he beat the other 4 & left them far behind, although he just has a few lines & little scenes.
he has made B2M's name well-known through his solo singer, musical Goong, now this drama ...
B2M made a right choose to sign him, he can lay gold eggs for his company !!

Anonymous said...

@11:44pm Really? Well, perhaps for acting but I don't think he beat the others or left them far behind, even for acting. As for the other mediums and the other members, I guess you just have to look at the news, not only fans reactions^^ and you know there's no shame in being famous or popular. Don't belittle a person's fame or popularity b'cuz not everyone has that something to catch the public's attention, even if he is a good actor or singer~

Anonymous said...

wow i think someone's making issues again...tsk-tsk!!

anyways true blooded triple s just ignore negative comments..lets be happy and wait for our boySS...they are all talented we know that!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, Hyun Joong is the target for other members to be compared.
Solo is for all members to show their abilities.
Good decision of Leader.