Friday, February 24, 2012

[Vid & Pix] Hyung Jun is Back in Korea 02.23.12

Hyung Jun left Korea on the 15th of February, he is back after nine days of shooting some scenes in Hawaii for 'Glowing She'.

Here is a video and photo of him taken by the shutterbug of Prettyboy at Incheon Airport when he came back yesterday. It's a 10 hour trip. Hope he's doing well and would have time to rest before working again.


Anonymous said...

His face is starting to look a little fuller. This is making me happy. He looks great.

sinthia said...

yeah anon 12:13.. it's what I was thinking too. ^^
Although he needed lose some weight to do this drama, but he kinda has lost too much,no? I prefer see him with a health face than super slim. But he must have not slept that much cause his skin is not looking as good as before. T.T He seriously needs some vacations.