Friday, February 24, 2012

[Article] Kyu Jong Will Show Strong Emotional Warth Image in the Next Episode of SMGBS

Much thanks to cll_slam10 for poking me on Twitter to let me know of the newly translated article she just did and shared on her blog.

Whenever I see Kyu Jong in SMGBS, I always crave for more screen time for him. I really really do hope that after this drama Kyu Jong will take immediately another drama wherein he would be the lead role. It's really something I wish for Kyu Jong for this year.


[Trans] Kim Kyu Jong Exudes Strong Emotional Warmth Image, A Prospective Go BongShil Son-In-Law?
Source: OSEN
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Idol group SS501 Kim Kyu Jong gave a prospective son-in-law pose which arouse the curiosity of many.

In TV Chosun weekend drama "Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil" as the warmth youth Nicky character, Kim Kyu Jong and as In-Young character, girl group F(x) Luna goes into a sweet love relationship after their 1st kiss.

Under this circumstances, before their romance blossom Kyu Jong portrayal as prospective son-in-law who is close to Luna's onscreen mother Mdm Go BongShil makes everyone anticipate.

Nicky was helping Mdm Go BongShil in the preparation of her new shop, at the same time, continue in forging close strong relationship. Especially the scene where Nicky without saying anything roll up his sleeves to help out repairing the furniture for Mdm Go BongShil. The closeness between the 3 if them Nicky, In-Young and Mdm Go BongShil is just like a close-knitted family, together with the growing couple relationship between Nicky and In-Young is a raising concern to many.

Regarding the warmth prospective son-in-law pose of Kim Kyu Jong, netizens various comments "Are the 2 seeing each other in 'Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil'?", "If I have such a warmth prospective son-in-law, even I didn't eat, I will still feel full", "the three looks wonderful"

Drama production company stated, "Nicky and In-Young, Mdm Go BongShil who forged strong fate together at the same time will also bring out the sweetness between Nicky and In-Young. Will Nicky become Mdm Go BongShil future son-in-law, please anticipate."

On the other hand, "Saving Ahjumma Go BongShil" will be broadcast on 25 Feb 6.50pm KST.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful news. Hope Kyu will have more 5 min air time this week. I really like his act. Three of them look very good together.