Sunday, February 19, 2012

Awesome Fan Chants from TripleS Peru

I miss seeing sea of green lights. I miss hearing fan chants of SS501 songs. That is why when I saw these videos I did not hesitated to make a post.

If my understanding is correct Korean Pop Idols Festival in Perui was held on the 12th of February. There was a fan chant contest and TripleS Peru is amongst the contestants along with other fan clubs of other Korean idol groups. I was actually looking for information on the net to share here but could not find any. So, in case there is anyone visiting my blog who wants to share info about this we would be glad to know.

After seeing almost all the videos of the participating fan clubs, I can say that I am really proud of the performance of TripleS Peru. They are just great! I am so impressed with their teamwork after having seen the following videos on YouTube channel. TripleS Peru's fan chants are just so awesome!

From reading tweets, I learned that TripleS won 1st place in the KPop Fan Chant Contest. Woot! Woot! Congratulations! You made us all proud. From what I have seen in the videos you guys are really really great. The chants was so loud and the choreography was executed very well.

Here are the chants that TripleS Peru performed. Check them all and tell us what you think.

Four Chance (Angle #1)

Four Chance (Angle #2)

Love Like This

U R Man

Deja Vu


Anonymous said...

hi,,found also the solo of each member they r great !!! this is 4 lucky guy & @the side u can find break down,yesterday,not alone,,,etc

Anonymous said...

i love green! green looks so extraordinary, and so SS501 and TripleS! gong xi, TripleS Peru! we're so proud of you.=D

sinthia said...

I'm not sure, but I think Peru is the country where double s is more famous!^^
Everytime I hit upon some survey from Peru about k-pop ss501 is always number 1!hahaha
I don't know if it's just coincidence, but it seems like they are very very loved there! =D
I'm from Brasil and I admire so much triple s peruanas, they are so dedicated! Fighting chicas,sigan apoyandolos siempre.

Anonymous said...

Impressive TripleS Peru. And I think the organiser is also very impressive. Unlike the Korean fans and some of the Asian fans, South American fans hardly got chance to watch their Korean idols perform. Yet they are so determined to do it well, even after DS has been solo for close to 2 years. Wish that one day, they will be able to see DS in South America, performing. Thanks Liezle for sharing this.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Triple S Peru.
This is fantastic. I suppose they spend a lot of time practising. Their sacrifice really pays off. Its amasing and well cheorographed.
Just wonder what will SS501 members say when they see this.
Thanks liezle for posting.

Anonymous said...

wow triple s peru. u really made me proud. imagine how the members would feel when they see this. u r amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Proud to be Triple S!!!