Sunday, February 26, 2012

[Article] Jung Min at VANTVAART Fashion Show

A day after Jung Min returned to Korea, he already has a schedule on his calendar and that is to attend the fashion show of designer, Jang Eun Jin, of VANTVAART in Gangnam.

Here's the article and photos of Jung Min. Much thanks to ccl_slam10 for sharing the article on her blog.

[News] Park Jung Min With No Signs Of Aging On Face Attended 2012 VANTVAART
Chinese Trans: 洁西卡
Eng Trans:
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SS501 Park Jung Min who doesn't show any sign of aging of his face attended the 2012 VANTVAART Fashion Show.

2012 VANTVAART Fashion Show was held on 25 Feb afternoon at Seoul Gangnam Shinsadong 915 Industry Art Gallery.

Jang Eun Jin, the designer collection of designer brands VANTVAART using her vanguard thinking in her designing expressing her subtle differences in taste that receive a lot of love from everyone.

More photos of Jung Min from SSTV

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