Sunday, February 19, 2012

[Vids] Cut Scenes of Hyung Jun in 'Glowing She' (Oh yeah... hot!)

Loads of thanks to cll_slam10 for tweeting the links to these video captured by from the Hyung Jun's drama 'Glowing She' which she shared on her YouTube channel.

Yes! The much awaited scenes for the week is here. Topless Hyung Jun. @_@ My oh my oh my...

Swimming Pool Scene

Forgive me if I have seen... oppsie... sinned. @_@

Shower Scene

Dance Scene

He is so looking good wearing the cap.

Jealous Kang Min

Another Jealous Kang Min Scene

Hyung Jun Singing For You

In June 2011 during Young Saeng's comeback he sang 'For You' in SBS CulTwo radio show that he guested in. Click HERE to hear Young Saeng's own version of 'For You'.

Much thanks once again to cll_slam10 for the tips.

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Chara said...

Ok... the cap frustrates me now... for personal reasons...

Jeez, but it's good looking.