Wednesday, February 08, 2012

[Notice from KeyEast] Hyun Joong Back in Seoul

As we all know Hyun Joong is back in Seoul but I will still be sharing here the notice from Hyun Joong official Japanese website translated by tzeyin28 on Facebook. Much thanks once again.


[Eng Trans] 08/02/12 Kim Hyun Joong returned to his country today!
Source: KHJ Japan official site (
Original article:
Chinese translation: 荣荣 @
English translation: tzeyin28 @

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During these 18 days in Japan, (Kim Hyun Joong) still ate his favourite food which are ‘Ramen’ & ‘Rice with Beef’ and played mini soccer even though he was busy with promotions & activities of his debut single, it seemed like he spent this period of time productively.

His Japan debut this time around has been able to achieve such good results, we would like to once again express our gratitude to his fans who supported him and all staff members.

This is only the beginning for Kim Hyun Joong who just made his solo debut in Japan, everyone please continue to give tremendous support to him!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Hyun Joong shi.
Happy to see you driving your car.

Anonymous said...

Thank KE for good supporting to Hyun Joong.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see him back in Korea. Hope he takes a little break. He has worked so hard these past few weeks in Japan. He's #9 on oricon for the 2nd week sales off Kiss Kiss. That's so awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

@12:47 am
yup, you are right, it is absolutely awesome :)
although it is the 2nd week, the sales still maintains on the top 10. Despite there are new releasing albums on the market everyday.
haha, thanks for the updated ^^

Anonymous said...

Excellent job, hyunjoong~!
Take a good rest after such a hard work.

Anonymous said...

HJ develops himself so much in music.
Always hard work to prove that he has talent in music.
Love him so much not only his perfect face, body.