Friday, February 17, 2012

[FanCam] Young Saeng and His Sexy Dimples

This is my second sexy post for the day.

If Hyung Jun body is sexy I am pretty sure many would agree if i say that Young Saeng's bedimpled smile is sexy as well. If Hyung Jun's body looks heavenly, Young Saeng's smile is angelic. Right? Alright!

Having said that watch this fan video from the presscon of 'Sent from Heaven' that focuses on Young Saeng. The presscon happened on the 15th of February. Much thanks to for uploading in her YT channel as well as to cll_slam10 for tweeting the link.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your comment Liezle. His smile is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Waiting is so tiring. Hope to get some news now and then to make the waiting easier :)