Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[Info] 'I Need a Fairy' KBS2 Sitcom

As we all know, Young Saeng will be embarking into acting this coming March. He is one of the supporting casts of the upcoming 60 episodes sitcom of KBS 'I Need a Fairy'. Though I am not expecting much on Young Saeng's screen time in this sitcom, I am still anticipating his first appearance.

For those who are curious to know what this sitcom is all about, let me share here this information that I lifted from Korea Drama Org website which you can check HERE.

Title: 선녀가 필요해 / I Need a Fairy
Chinese Title: 需要仙女
Also Known as : Sent From Heaven
Genre: sitcom
Episodes: 60 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-27 to 2012-May-18
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45


‘I Need a Fairy’ will be a comprehensive description of Korean women love and desire. This drama to be known as korean version of ‘Sex and the City‘

Two beautiful angel falling from the heaven and become a mother and daughter. This sitcom show how they deal with their new life.


Main Cast
Cha In Pyo as Cha Se Joo
Hwang Woo Seul Hye as Chae Hwa
Shim Hye Jin as Wang Mo (Chae Hwa’s mom)

Supporting Cast
Park Min Woo as Cha Kook Min
Woo Ri as Cha Na Ra
Park Hee Jin as Geum Bo Hwa
Lee Doo Il as Cha Se Dong
Yoon Ji Min as Ma Tae Hee
Min Young Won as Jang Hee Bin
Choi Jung Won as Geum Mo Rae
Min Ji as Lee Ha Ni
Heo Young Saeng as Heo Young Saeng (liezle : really??)

Young Saeng I believe was the last to be added in this pool of casts for this sitcom since reading about this late last year.

From an earlier article it was said that Young Saeng will be playing a bright and mischievous character in this sitcom. Other than that description we do not know any more until a bit of his character was revealed on KBS 'I Need a Fairy' website.

I am shoving here a bit info about Young Saeng's role with English translation. Much thanks to cll_slam10 for tweeting it.

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kelly said...

I wonder how does this sitcom got to be similar with sex and the city? At least cannot see any relation from the teasers.

Anyway, it does not matter how much screen time YS has, but how it makes use of each appearance. This sitcom looks interesting from the teaser. He will probably enjoy it and make new friends too. I am waiting.

And he will be call Heo Young Saeng? That is nice.