Monday, February 20, 2012

[Trans] Young Saeng to Participate in Immortal Song 2

Whoa! I am so happy to read this over at Twitter and happy that xiaochu has translated the staff report from Young Saeng's webby and shared on Quainte501. Much thanks.

For those not familiar how Immortal Song 2 show is, it is a show like any other singing competition, but the contestants are idols. Idols are picked randomly then will be singing their own rendition of the featured song/s. The audience get to vote the winner. Once winner is selected another idol will be chosen randomly to compete with the winner. Then cycle continues until all singers have all performed.

This is going to be exciting and I hope Young Saeng won't be eliminated right away.

Hopefully we are not going to wait much longer for the broaddcast of this show with Young Saeng. Immortal Song 2 is being broadcast every Saturday at 5:50PM over at KBS. It is MCed by Shin Dongyup and Kim Gura.


[Trans] Heo YoungSaeng, 2011.02.20 STAFF REPORT
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Hello. This is person-in-charge of Y.E.S.

We have updated the new schedule,
There are still some of you who haven’t checked on it right??

On 27-Feb, Monday, he is scheduled to record and sing for KBS’s Immortal Song 2 Legend (Special).
To participate in the recording, you are able to apply for classic judge panel through Immortal Song 2’s homepage.
Please confirm and take note of the date of reporting for the Judge panel.

Direct URL :

Are there anyone who received Y.E.S glowstick??
It’ll be great if Y.E.S loves it.


Anonymous said...

ive been tweeting him and messaging him on the official site and even during his fanchats on yozm abt this !!
i kept asking if he would go on immortal song (and a bunch of other fans did too!) and he always said he wasnt that good of a singer ... too modest :(

but now finally he is doing it - he is really coming out of his shell this year - he doesnt need to always be so shy from the world - he is amazing and we will love him no matter what !

mrsheo said...

I've been wating for him to participate on immortal song...^^ Good luck my baby Saengie....^^ HWAITING....!!!! \\ ^o^ //

Anonymous said...

I screamed my lungs out at 12:06 AM [midnight] and got scolded by my mom for this.... this so exciting... it's like this half beginning of the year belong to Young Saeng... OMG now I'm crying... ottoke TT.TT

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yes..i really want him to join Immortal song..finally..YES!!

kelly said...

never watch immortal song before but it sounds exciting. Just hope that he relaxes and enjoys himself. And that many fans can enter the place to cheer him on. What a wonderful piece of news to receive today. Hope he appear more often. It is wonderful to receive a piece of news about him every few days. Jia You, YS!

Anonymous said...

i heard this programme is good.most participants are strong singers and they have to sing songs of yesteryears and audience will vote who is winner.i know younseang is the member that can represent ss501 as he can sing powerful high pitch.i hope many tripleS in korea will be in the audience to support him.hoping also kim gura dont make seangie nervous cause he likes seangie...manse youngseang!!!

kelly said...

Heard from Newsen that this particular episode is a special on Kim Gun Mo and will be shown on the second week of March. And this episode will be bigger and will have many good singers.

Also read from baidu that YS start his album recording today.

So many good news... wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

i always hope that YS would join this show since i like immortal songs 2 very much...and considering that his uncle fans kim gura was there, i think there's a big chance ffor him to participate. and i'm very excited to read this news....hope he will enjoy the show no matter what the result

Anonymous said...

Very happy to hear this news too. It doesn't matter of the result, going to this show is already a recognition of his status as not everyone can be on this show - only the widely recognized good voice. Saengie just enjoy it with your uncle fan^^

Anonymous said...

woahh..since this show begin,i really hope he will join this show...and really happens...i'm so happy and proud of him...^_^
gud luck saengie...:)