Friday, February 24, 2012

[Article] Jung Min & Angie Chai, Mother & Son Relationship

I have been waiting for news from the premiere of 'Fondant Garden' that happened yesterday. Glad that I found one in the blog of RoyalPJM. Much thanks for the translation.

Check out this backstage interview at the premiere of 'Fondant Garden'. The romantic comedy drama will start broadcasting tonight at CTV at 10PM.


[News] Reporting From Backstage, Angie Chai Keeping A Close Eye on Park Jung Min, Just Like A Mother Disciplining A Child
Posted on February 24, 2012 by RoyalPJM
Source: ETtoday
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Park Jung Min came to Taiwan to film a Idol Drama ‘Fondant Garden’, he also became a artiste of the “Mother” of Taiwan Idol Drama Angie Chai. Angie Chai once said, Park Jung Min is just like her son, Nana(reporter) specially observed, the way Angie Chai treats Park Jung Min, does feel “motherly”.

Although Park Jung Min’s chinese is good, but during interviews, there are still times where he could not express himself properly. Park Jung Min seek help from Angie Chai, asking “Can I speak in Korean?” But Angie Chei just look at him, and said “no!” and then taught Park Jung Min to say out the correct answers word by word, just like how a mother would teach a child when the child is learning to talk.

When Park Jung Min finished expressing what he wanted to say in Chinese, Angie Chai smiled proudly with satisfaction, behaving just like Park Jung Min’s mother. Previously when Angie Chai held a Birthday party, Park Jung Min came to Taiwan specially to attend the event, and even generously gave her a kiss, the “Mother & Son” relationship can really be seen from this.

When Park Jung Min is filming in Taiwan, there were die-hard fans following him, taking care of him. This time for the premiere of the new drama ‘Fondant Garden’, baskets of flowers sent by fans lined the whole of CTV’s lobby. In Taiwan, it is not common for fans to send flower baskets therefore the reporters at the premiere were very impressed.


Anonymous said...

Lmao the second pic of the guy leaning or smelling jungmin's back !

Good luck Jungmin ! I can't wait for the drama

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Is Hyun Joong in the second pic, not JM?

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@6:49 it`s JungMin,that pic is from his 2012 calendar

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it's Jung Min, here's a larger picture...