Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[Article] Jung Min had a Food Trip in Taiwan Night Market

One more from RoyalPJM. Thanks much for the translation and sharing.

Really wish that 'Fondant Garden' will rate well in Taiwan. I wonder how is the news about Jung Min's voice being dubbed. Hope that after Jung Min announced it and fans reacted negatively about it, the director decided to junk the idea of his voice being dubbed.


[News] Park Jung Min enjoys freedom in night market, chats with fans in fluent Chinese
Source: YES Entertainment
English translation: RPJM (royalpjm.wordpress.com)
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Park Jung Min came to Taiwan to film idol drama 'Fondant Garden' and had a pleasant time working with Jian Shu Man, Lia Lee and Kingone Wang. The long stay in Taiwan made rapid progress in his Chinese language. He uses Chinese all the way during the fan-meeting. When he was being interviewed, he used Chinese as far as possible to answer them and everyone praised that he is really good. He replied "No, I want to say a lot of things but I can't express them and it makes my heart/mind stuffy."

During the fan-meeting, he made candied fruit with the fans and Park Jung Min said "3 days (he used yesterday x3 in Chinese ^^;) ago I went to the night market. I ate it that time and it left me impressed." The translator immediately added that they went to the night market 3 days ago and brought his to experience Taiwanese snacks. Park Jung Min disguised himself with mask and hat and went out. None of the fans recognized him and he enjoy freedom comfortably.

He tasted deep-fried milk, cream filling sponge cake, strawberry candied fruit, etc. His appetite is totally ready for the full challenge. Park Jung Min replied "I am used to the life in Taiwan." Jian Shu Man exposed that he learned how to speak in Taiwanese language and often made the drama crew laugh. He was asked to give a demonstration live. Park Jung Min humorously said "There are a lot, I cannot say it anymore."

The drama will premiere on the 24th and they were asked what the expected rating is. Jian Shu Man said "8%", Lia Lee shouted "9%". Lastly, Park Jung Min replied "1%. So when we add them up altogether, it will be 18%. I hope that the rating will reach the target of 18%." He also shouted to the fans that with everyone's support, it will not be a problem. Park Jung Min ended his 6 months filming and returned to Korea. He is expected to release an album in Japan. After the interview, he told the reporters if they are going to Korea, he will treat them to a meal. No wonder he made his female fan's heart flustered because of his friendly and lively personality.


binz said...

i also hope they throw away the idea of dubbing him though i highly doubt they will :( or they should just get jm to dub himself since his chinese alrdy improved so much compared to when he just started filming(:

julie said...

me too... it will be a waste if they dub Jung Min voice...