Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[Article] Young Saeng to Participate in Immortal Song 2

When B2M released this report via Young Saeng's website through Staff Report and has been translated into several languages everyone really got so excited. Who wouldn't when right? When this show brings together idols with great singing voice to compete with one another.

I have already posted yesterday the staff report, now here comes the news in which cll_slam10 shared on her blog. Thanks Lin!


[News] SS501 Heo Young Saeng, Participating in Immortal Song 2 - Legend Special
Source: Newsen
Chinese Trans: HYS Baidu Bar
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
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KBS2 "Immortal Song" person-in-charge stated on 20 Feb, Heo Young Saeng will be participating in the recording of the "Immortal Song 2 - Legend Special".

On that "Legend Special" segment, 14 singers inclusive of Heo Young Saeng will be competing against one another.

Till now, other than Heo Young Saeng the other singers are still not disclosed yet, but according to them, they have gotten the best singers to be on this segment than the usual program.

The Legend special will be broadcast during mid-March with much anticipation.


dandelionhyun said...

this is something I must be looking forward to~~when I am watching Immortal Song w/ some kpop idols joining in I always wonder~~ "Will there be a time that I can see Youngseng performing in this show?"..this show actually made me realize that Kpop artist are really talented when it comes to singing.

Anonymous said...

Kpop singers are indeed pretty consistent in singing. Usually I don't find one especially terrible in a group. The selection and training seems to be very well done. And it becomes easy to enjoy their singing.


Anonymous said...

Woah! YS Hwaiting! Can't wait to see n hear him singing there! Ya HJL, support your beloved YS, won't u!

Anonymous said...

I'm really excited to watch his recordings!! I think the fact that he got invited to attend immortal song (legend ^^) is simply a recognition of his singing ability! :) Furthermore, I have always wanted him to participate in immortal song! Can't wait to watch his performance! ^^

angelou said...

wow i'm excited about this news... Finally he participate in this show... im really hoping with this and it really did come true.. HEO YOUNGSAENG fighting...