Saturday, February 25, 2012

[Vid] Jung Min is Back in Korea 02.24.11

After staying in Taiwan for almost half a year and only going back to his home country for a short vacation, Jung Min is finally back home. Yes, he returned yesterday on the day of the the first broadcast his Taiwanese drama 'Fondant Garden'. With his coming back home I am sure Jung Min will still monitor the progress of the romantic comedy drama in which he promised that once the rating hits 5%, he will treat everyone with his handmade kimchi pancake and a dance as an appreciation.

Here is the video taken by of Jung Min arriving yesterday at Incheon Airport.

Now that he is back, I hope that his cold will be cured soon as he said that he has been having the colds for a long time already. He can now enjoy the comfort of his new home. Remember that when Jung Min left, he and his family just transferred to his newly purchased house.

With regard to Jung Min's next activity, though his next activity that will not be in Korea but in Japan, I am still happy about this and still looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

He's finally back home. Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Our Mal is finally back home. Take good take of your health!