Friday, February 17, 2012

[Article] Jung Min Gave Ring as Present to Someone on Valentine's Day

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Geez, who could be the girl in which Jung Min gave a ring on Valentine's day? I wish the media got more clues. Like one of the reporters, I also think that it happened not long ago.


[News] Park Jung Min almost revealed his past relationship with…?

Original articles: Epoch Times, WoWoNews & China Times
Photo credit: Sina Entertainment
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Park Jung Min will donate his drama outfit (the light blue apron) to an online charity auction. The money received from it will be donated to Children Are Us Foundation.

Park Jung Min’s fans enthusiastically follow him (everywhere he goes) in Taiwan, Jian Man Shu even said: “I told him not to follow me so that I could have a path to walk.” proving his high popularity.

When a female reporter asked Park Jung Min to take photos with a macaroon, he wanted her to eat it. Fondant Garden will begin airing on February 24th, is he confident (that it will achieve good results)? He mischievously repeated, “I have confidence, I have confidence…” totally easy to get along with.

Park Jung Min protested, “Both female leads didn’t give me Valentine’s Day gifts.” He cried saying (to Jian Man Shu): “You don’t love me.” Jian Man Shu replied: “Because you hate me.” Lia Lee intelligently replied, “I’m afraid you may have a burden.”

Park Jung Min was asked if he has ever given someone a special gift on Valentine’s Day, he answered: “I once gave (her) a ring.” The girl gave him a car navigation system in return. A reporter on the scene suspected that it happened not long ago because he must have reached the age where he could drive a car. Park Jung Min initially wanted to say ‘it happened a long time ago’ but it seemed that the truth was revealed so he kept coughing and begging for mercy, “Put an end to this issue!”

Park Jung Min’s Chinese language skills have improved a lot. He always says ‘love you’ instead of ‘thank you’ to people who bring him water or help him apply his make-up.

Park Jung Min bought 40+ well-chosen gifts and gave them to the casts and staff during the closing ceremony of Fondant Garden. Jian Man Shu and Lia Lee both received refined mugs while Kingone Wang received an ashtray. Park Jung Min explained: “It’s for decoration purposes only!” What will he give Angie Chai the producer? He sincerely replied, “I gave her a good drama.” Park Jung Min has gained a lot of experience from his time in Taiwan, “I hope I’ll get another chance to come here for drama filming.”


Anonymous said...

you'll do great sunshine with such loveable personality

sinthia said...

“I gave her a good drama.” hsuashausaushau this was so Jung Min's style!! xD Loved his answer!

Hope he's in a relationship, our boys deserve so much have someone to share their happy moments with. ^^
btw, a ring huh? Minnie knows how to please a woman eh! ^^