Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Vid] Young Saeng Outside of KBS Studio 02.27.12

For many who are very eager to see Young Saeng in 'Immortal Songs 2' we still have wait for 10 days for the 1st broadcast and 17 days for the 2nd broadcast. Still quite a long time, yah? For now we only have to satisfy ourselves with fancams. You saw HERE, photos of Young Saeng outside of KBS from Rosemary. HERE you so a very short capture of cute Young Saeng from the recording. Now let me share with you video capture of of Young Saeng outside of KBS. Much thanks to cll_slam10 for the tip on Twitter.

Looking like a bad boy? Some may say yes and others may say no. No matter if he is or not, Young Saeng is a cutie and that is a reality. ^^

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Anonymous said...

he looks healthy.....chubby.... me like to pinch him