Monday, March 14, 2011

[Trans] Jung Min Left a Message on his Korean Official Board

Jung Min left a message at around 7PM tonight and finally translation has been done by Slam and shared on her blog, My Inner World. Super thanks!

I just love reading heart warming thoughts from any members of SS501.


[Trans] This is Park Jung Min 2011.03.14 19:14:42
Source: Park Jung Min Official Korean Website
Chinese Trans: justhought @
Chinese to English Trans:

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Hello everyone, I am Park Jung Min
It's been quite some time since I have left message on the board.
I guess everyone should have known about the news of Japan thru various media.
Firstly, I would like to send my condolences and utmost regards to the people in Japan.
With regards to this catastrophe that has happened to Japan, I am really saddened by it.
I am really very worried about the people in the affected areas and also the fans in Japan.
With regards to this sudden natural disaster, I feel so powerless in this situation, I feel extremely heart pain.
Although the situation now is not very optimistic, but I really hope that everyone can restore their hope and weather this storm together.
Sincerely hope that there will be no more greater disaster again.
Pray that
The people in the affected areas are safe and sound.
The situation over at the affected area can be restored.
Everyone to recover and resume their daily routines.


And here's hangul message...

This is Park Jung Min 2011.03.14 19:14:42

조회 수 290 추천 수 0 2011.03.14 19:14:42

안녕하세요. 박정민입니다.

오랜만에 공식홈페이지에 들어와 남기게 되네요.

여러분도 많은 매체를 통해 일본에 대한 소식을 들으셨으리라 생각됩니다.

우선, 일본 분들께 깊은 우려와 애도의 뜻을 전합니다.

일본에 이런 일이 생겨 너무 안타깝게 생각하고,

현지에 계신 모든 분들과 팬 여러분들이 제일 먼저 걱정됩니다.

갑작스럽게 일어난 자연재해라,

이런 상황을 그저 지켜볼 수 밖에 없는 게 너무 가슴이 아픕니다.

절망적인 상황이지만 모두 희망을 갖고 잘 이겨내시길,

더 이상의 피해가 없길 진심으로 바랍니다.

그리고 현지에 계신 분들 모두 무사하시길...

피해상황이 빨리 종결되고 속히 복구되길...

다시 일상으로 돌아갈 수 있기를 기도하겠습니다.


eghleema said...

my kind hearted kid :x

Anonymous said...

he's so sweet.! in fact all the members are! they all love and care about the fans..
let's just all pray together for the Japanese citizens who were affected by the natural disaster~

Anonymous said...

We're all praying for Japan and the rest of the world.