Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kim Hyung Jun's 'oH! aH! on Music Core 03.12.11

Saw Hyung Jun performance of Music Core today and he was great on stage again. Really love the sound of 'oH! aH!' and the dance steps.

There were a lot of loud screaming from fans but honestly I can't hardly hear any chantings.

Here's the video from today's Music Core performance of Hyung Jun. Much thanks to .

Screencaps lifted from different news portals.


Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle, I believe this was recorded at 1AM after his showcase last Saturday. I don't think they have the fan chant ready at the time yet.

liezle said...

Hi 4:39! Yeah you are right this was the one that was recorded until 1AM last weekend.

thanks for dropping by.


Anonymous said...

love his outfit..hyungjun so handsome today!
oh ah is so addicting