Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Kyu Jong & Young Saeng Website Teasers

As announced by B2M last week, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng Official website will be opened this week. That this week will happen on the 11th of March at 6PM. As soft opening the webmaster of their websites have these teasers.

Want to check the webby? You may click HERE go to go Kyu Jong's and HERE for Young Saeng.

In the notice of B2M last week, they said that the webbies will be in BETA. As the websites open on the 11th, communication ill be the first section to be opened.

Thanks to veggiedelight for sending me the links.


Anonymous said...

can't wait til 3-11-11...yup, yup, yup! (A)

zaza said...

I hope those are also for overseas fans... Wanna chat with Kyu~ ^^