Monday, March 14, 2011

[Trans] Kwang Hee visited Hyung Jun

On March 8, KwangHee of ZE:A was the special guest of Hyung Jun on Music High. It was on this day when Hyung Jun released his 1st solo mini album 'My Girl'. The following day on Music High website, the official photos were released which I posted HERE. After almost a week that the photos have been released, translation on the caption has been provided by xiaochu on Quiante501. Heaps of thanks xiaochu!

Alright, I'm confused... was the photos really taken at Hyung Jun's house? It looks like it's at the radio studio. Anway, whatever, glad that there is a trans.

03/13 [trans] Last-Minute Visitor at HyungJun's house..

Credits : ilovesbsradio facebook + (English Translation) xiaochu @


To celebrate HyungJun coming out with solo album,

They had a celebration party with the team..

How could they have excluded me.. Can I eat the cake?

I like cake? I like it?

ZEA's KwangHee.. Came as a special guest~~

He said he wanted to come~~He said he likes HyungJun~~

He said he often hear that they look alike~~

He said.

Look alike????????????????????


Anonymous said...

baby looks tired :( i hope he's taking good care of himself.

Beesss said...

i loveeee to see hyung jun with cake...

All for 규 ♥ said...

No it's not exactly his house. They use the word 'house' because it's his program, so he's like the host/owner in the studio. ^^

liezle said...

Hi xiaochu! Thanks for the clarification.


Anonymous said...

They do look a bit alike in the pictures above!^^

Faith Q said...

HJB looks tired x_x hope he takes care.
Yup, they do abit look alike in those pics above kekeke^^

Anonymous said...

he looks tired and look at the eye bags! 0_o so big!