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[Full Transcript] Break Down Showcase in Seoul Convo Between HJL, YS & KJ with Park Kyung Lim

A big THANK YOU to Lafone for doing the translation (14 pages translation) of the convo between Park Kyung Lim, Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong during the Break Down Showcase in Seoul last June. Highlights of the Break Down Showcase was shown just recently in Japan with Japanese subtitles and our very generous Lafone offered to translate this and share through this blog. She also mentioned that anyone willing to use the translation in YouTube can do so but may I request that you do PROPER CREDITING and let us know the link to your YouTube channel. Btw, I have already one taker. ^_^

[Trans] Break Down Showcase in Seoul (Hyun Joong, Young Saeng & Kyu Jong)
English translation by Lafone /

The video above is not the full vid. Lafone's friend will try to upload this weekend the full vid. But I understand that full vid from the actual showcase can be found in YT.

Here's translation.

Park Kyung Lim : MC

MC: We prepared many things for all of you. I also have a gift for
Hyun Joongssi. Please expect ( to the audience) ! Mr. Director ~~~ !
Please come to the stage ( YoungSaeng and KyuJong )

MC: Happy Birthday !
HJ: Thank you
MC: It was yesterday, right ? In order to celebrate Hyun Joongssi’s
Birthday of June 6, these two guys came tonight.
Long time no see ! Please say hellow to everyone !
YS: It was quite a long time. I am very happy to see you.
I’m Young Saeng.

KJ: Really long time no see ! I’m SS501 member, KyuJong.
MC: Thank you for coming today. Please give your message to celebrate his birthday.
YS: I sent him an e-mail yesterday, but no reply.
MC: No reply ?
HJ: Because my mobile was broken !
MC: Was it broken ?or did you break it ?
HJ: I broke it
MC: Oh my god !
HJ: To take this opportunity, I would like to announce to my friends who gave me a call yesterday that my mobile was broken !
MC: Could you also convey this to your friends as well (to the audience) ?
How about you,KyuJongssi ?
KJ: I also called him but could not get through.
Though Iworried about what’s going on? but it is good to know that there was nothing serious. Anyway, happy birthday ! We have to turn off the candles quickly.
MC: As I am going to say one, two, three, please say Happy Birthday
For the overseas fans, please speak slowly.
Kim Hyun Joong, Happy Birthday ! Let’s go !
One two three,
Kim Hyun Joong, Happy Birthday !
HJ: Thank you !
MC: Happy Birthday! Did you pray for something?
HJ: Yes I did
MC: Within a moment to blink?
HJ: Yes
MC: What did you pray for ?
HJ: Well, I prayed so that I will always be able to be happy.
MC: Though I would like to put a piece of cake on your face, I won’t as today is a special day for you. Please cut the cake by all of you, three ?
YS: Three times ?
MC: No! by all of you, three together !
One two three !
HJ: The inside of the cake looks fake
MC: Because we will reuse it, that’s why.
Please clean up !
As we have them as guest today, let’s have a chat.
HJ: Let’s move on closer to the frontward
MC: You guys are in a line. It looks like a painting!
You all became so cool!
Yongsaengssi, no long time no see !
YS: We met a few times !
MC: You are so cool now !
YS: Thank you
MC: I see you today, after a long time, KyuJongssi, you are really handsome!
KJ: Thank you
MC: So cool !!! I know that you guys are very close friends, you are busy now?
KJ: Yes, really busy
YS: I have been hectic days. Let it go ~ Let it go~ ♪
MC: KyuJongssi is leaving for Japan tomorrow. For musical?
KJ: Yes, the musical “Goong” takes place at Kyoto.
Good to be here before I leave.
MC: Yes, it is nice that all of us get together here. Have you seen Hyun Joongssi’s stage performance ?
YS: No I have not.
MC: You have’nt ? or you could not ?
YS: I only saw the movie.
MC: How do you think from the viewpoint of senior ?
YS: Senior?
MC: As a solo artist, you are senior, right?
YS: Well, you may refresh your mind as a beginner of solo artist, but once you go to the studio (broadcast station), you realize that you are no longer a beginner. Because in reality, you are a singer with 7-years’ career, and you are not a beginner at all. So feel confident in yourself as a senior of 7-years’ performance whom junior singers will adimire, and show your performance on stage without any hesitation.

HJ: The current stage performance, itself shows the capability of myself, a singer with 7-years’ career. I don’t become nervous even in front of many people. I would like to continue like this way.

MC: (to KJ) Fantastic, you did see the stage, didn’t you ? How was it ?
KJ: He looked cool and stylish as SS501 leader. The performance united with other dancers was spectacular, really masculine. His new hair style is also nice!
MC: Any point you feel a pitty?
KJ: He heavily sweats.
HJ: As I am no longr 20 years old, I cannot stop sweating.
MC: If you see him from a long distance, he looks like Jo Hyeong-Kissi (actor).
Well, I prepared some questions for you.
Let’s start ! Are you ready?

Hyun Joongssi is always nice-looking and manly for you, fans.
But, you guys, could you please tell us the secrets you can talk now ?
We have to know about his secrets, right?
So, you write your answers on the flip.
Let’s me ask one question while staff is preparing the flips.
Do you drink alcohol?
YS: Except for me
MC: Yongsaengssi does not drink ?
HJ: KyuJong drinks a lot, but Yongsaeng drinks so so.
MC: Tell me the no. of bottles in record you all three drank together?
HJ: Well, we could drink 12 bottles of soju, right?
YS: No, I didn’t
MC: Twelve bottles by three ? If I simply calculate, an average 4 bottles per each!
But there is a person who can drink more than 6 bottles, right?
KJ: It was Hyun Joong because he was a man !
HJ: That’s why I sweat a lot ?
MC: Your sweat smell alcohol ! It’s a joke.
But if you drink alcohol, metabolism is getting better!
HJ: I would like to stop drinking at a reasonable volume…. I drink makgoli from now on. I will decrase the volume I drink.
MC: The answer of this question was 12 bottles by three.
Well, as I am going to make questions to you, you are expected to write your honest answers.

HJ: Yes, I will.
YS: My answer may be looked in!
MC: Turn yourself a bit.
HJ: You turn yourself like this way !
MC: You lead the show very well. You are really talented !
MC: Question 1,
Where does Hyun Joongssi look first when he see a girl?
Let’s start, KyuJongssi, do not cheat!
Please answer about Hyun Joongssi.
Hyun Joongssi, you answer by yourself as well.
“ I look here when I see a girl. “
YS: I wrote it
MC: Already ? Yongsaengssi is so quick !
(to Hyun Joong) Where do you look ? The other two have already written it.
You expedite to finish, please.
Where did you see myself?
Quicky answer the question. Do not draw, but write in letters !
Oh you have finished !
Let’s see his answer first. You two guys, do not show your answers yet.
Hyun Joongssi, please show your answer ( HJ illustrated an eye )
MC: He look into the eyes !
Whay are you so excited ? (to the audience)
Well, how far is this answer from those of the other two ?
Yongsaengssi, I assume that both of their answers will be interesting.
“ Alcohol capacity and appearance !
Could you explain about your answer ?
YS : Hyun Joong is not interested in a girl who cannot drink alcohol.
MC: Wao ~ Really ?
YS : As he likes a friendly atmosphere, it is important whether she can drink alcohol or not.
MC : Is there anybody who is capable to drink 6 bottles of soju ?
You will faint ! ( to the fans who raised their hands )
Then, the next is KyuJongssi, he is honest.
“ Face and appearance from behind “
You check even “ silhouette “ as well.
Please explain why. I think that these answers are correct !
Be honest !
HJ : OK. I am going to tell where I see when I look at a girl.
MC: Do you see her face?
HJ : Yes, I see her face
I see her face, appearance from behind
I check her alcohol capacity
I see whether she is kind or not …..
I love a perfect lady !
MC : Well, I hope that you will meet a perfect lady in future.
HJ : Yes
MC : Yongsaengssi, where do you look ?
HJ : May I write it in the flip?
Or may I draw ?
MC : Where does Yongsaengssi look at ?
HJ : Well, he doesn’t care for height.
MC : Is it OK for you a girl with 1.3 m height? I’m kidding.
HJ : Yongsaeng loves a pretty and innocent girl, right?
YS : That’s right !
MC : A girl who is pretty as well as innocent !
What a high ideal !
How about KyuJongssi ?
HJ : KyuJong’s taste is a bit fanny
YS : He likes a fanny girl. He loves an aggressive, spunky girl.
MC : Does he love a girl like Kim Sinyon? She is aggressive !
Let’s go on to the second question.
Question 2, Are there anything that you want Hyun Joongssi to stop ?
You can write what kind of habit you would like to stop.
You guys can write what you want him to discontinue from the viewpoint of his juniors.
They are not junior ? (to the audience)
HJ ; Yongsaeng is not a junior, a friend of mine!
KyuJong is younger than me by one year, but he is senior by school grade (he is kidding now) Well, it is very delicate issue.

MC : Among both of you, who is older ?
HJ : It ‘s me
MC : Is it OK for you (to KyuJong)
KJ : Well he agreed with it
MC : Does he call you “hyeong“ ?
KJ : Yes ( he is joking too )
MC : Please write what you want him to stop
KJ : Is there anything?
YS : Very difficult
MC : How about his drinking habit ? If there is nothing, you can write
“ nothing “
For example, he frequently looses his belongins somewhere, or he easily forget many things, and so on. I know very well that he oversleeps because I woke him up every morning in my TV program. However, compared with Jung Min ssi, he was less violent. Jung Min ssi kicked me. I could not get upset because he was asleep.
Well KyuJongssi finished , who is called as “ hyeoung “
Yongsaengssi also finished ?

YS : Yes I did
MC : Nothing ? (to HJ)
HJ : Nothing.
MC : He mentioned that he has nothing to write.
Let’s see the answers of the two at the same time !
YS : The same answers
MC : One two three !
“ Drinking habit “ “ He drinks too much “
YS : If I dare to say, that’s it.
MC : Please tell us more details.
YS : He drinks in a very fast way before he gets drunk, but once he gets drunk, the pitch is getting faster.

KJ : Let’s act by ourselves.
MC : Who acts as Hyun Joongssi? (KJ points out YS )
MC : He pours soju into a cup ? Please use a water bottle !
Ready Action !
YS : We fill the cups to the brim by each other, toast !
Very soon, “ let’s drink “ , then he fills the cup again and again,
He drinks off a few bottles in 30 minutes or so.
KJ : Even I ask “ Is it OK ? “ he just answers “ fine with me !”
He has to manage by himself especially when he is busy.
MC : Are there any reason why you drink so quickly ?
HJ : I have little free time to spend
MC : Youwant to get drunk quickly ?
HJ : I have something I want to forget. I try to improve my drinking habit, but friends of mine drink much faster than me. I think that they are here today.
MC : Can you introduce your friends ?
HJ : I cannot tell you who came …. Imyong, Jinyong, MinSoo, Hee-Woong,
Jeong-Jae, all came here ! Tegangkunis over there as well !
MC : He is a guy in question ?
HJ : He used be an easy-going guy, but he has recently started to study.
MC : How many bottles of soju do you drink ? or crock of soju?
YS : I had a drink together with them, I was almost to die !
HJ : It was a Christmas eve, and he was dying
MC : It was a nightmare
KJ : Next morning he said that “ There is always someone stronger !”
MC : (to HJ ) Your friends are having a drink over there, enjoying your
HJ : It is prohibited to have a drink here, go and have a drink outside !
MC : The next question is “ about his weakpoints “
For example, he dislikes insects, he has a mole in the back, and so on.
If you touch this, it will mean the end for him, please tell us this kind of secrets. Hyun Joongssi, you will also write by yourself. Nothing?
HJ : How about the next question?
MC : What is your decisive weakness ?
HJ : Let’ go on to the next question
MC : It’s your weakness
HJ : What is the next ?
MC : KyuJongssi, nothing ?
KJ : Everyone knows – he is weak against tickling
And he dislikes the insects.
HJ : A moth was flying when I was on the stage today. There was no way for me… The tears were about to spill from my eyes.
MC : Because of that moth?
HJ : I overcame this with professionalism
I am not afraid of cheetah, nor hyena, but I cannot endure insects.
Centipede, mouth, cicada, dragonfly, I dislike all these insects
MC: Are there any episodes regarding insects?
HJ: One day, a cockroach flew to Yonsaeng’s room, and did you catch it?
YS: No, it was caught in the door
HJ: Yes, I remember it. As I was so frighted that I quickly closed the door, and it became caught in the door.
MC: Youngsaengssi, you also dislike the cockroach?
YS: Are there anyone else who do not care for them?
MC: Some people crash them in the hand. How about KyuJongssi ?
KJ: Me? I don’t get scared..
When we had a shooting outdoors, I catched a dragonfly , putting it on Hyun-Joong’s shoulder. Then he badly abused me
HJ: At that time, I seriously abused him
MC: In all seriousness?
HJ: The words to abuse him came out of my mouth
MC: Does it include “number “ or animal ?
HJ: A nephew
MC: That sort of ?
HJ: I also shouted “number 18 “
MC: It included the number
HJ: Nephew, Crepass 18, continuously (= bastard ! Son of a bitch !)
KJ: It was really shocking
MC: Foreigners cannot understand at all, so Koreans, please explain to the neighbors.  “Son of a bitch !” , when you heard this, I assume that you got hurt, right?
KJ: Yes, I understood how much he felt scared for the dragonfly.
So, if you hide an insect in your hand and approach him, you would see a childish side of Hyun Joong (not only his manly image). And if you say “ Oh I have an insect in my hand” , he would definitely be gentle to you.

MC: So, even in a quarrel, we would be able to beat him with an insect in our hand.
HJ: At the shooting site of Playful Kiss, there wre many dragonflies. I was troubled so much because it was especially autmn. As I felt much scared for these dragonflies, I could not keep high motivation at site. With down in tension, the viewing rate went down. I felt shocked by the dragonflies, and the viewing rate was also shocking.

MC: It was a very sad story.
HJ: But this drama was a big hit in the overseas.
MC: Yes, I know that Playfull Kiss was a blockbuster outside Korea.
You acted very well as if you had never been startled by the dragonflies.
I also saw the beginning of the drama. It was interesting.
HJ: Thank you.
MC: The next question, what is it ?
What is your strength, your own weapon which can beat everyone?
    Appearance, positive attitude, etc,
YS: I’ve got it
MC: Appearance is also a big strength, as well as the inside of personality
YS: Well, I have it in mind, but how can I exlain in a word ?
MC: Please tell us. Have you written it ? Show your flip and
Explain for us?
Have you written it ? (to HJ) Oh you are drawing a picture again !
Don’t draw! But write it ! Now he is writing down.
Let’s start from what Hyun Joongssi wrote by himself.
KHJ: Relationship (bonds) with people
If I feel hard, or tiresome, I got encouragement from staff, friends, etc. Though I was immatured, thanks to the support from both of seniors and juniors as well as staff, I have been able to reach today’s positioning. The two friends standing next to me today is one of these important bonds.
MC: Well, let’s me ask the other two guys about their answers.
YS: A similar one. I wrote “ Luck “
He has a luck ?
HJ: If you show your flip upside down, it means “ball” ( in hanglecharactors)
YS: It looks so
YS: He is really lucky guy.
MC: Is there any episode?
YS:: I don’t know how to explain …. When we enjoyed a card game together, nobody could beat him. He has an excellent intuition. He can easiliy guess what other people have in mind.
MC: He is generous! If he had a white cloth and wind, he could go anywhere.
That is himself, right?
KJ: In the overseas, when we put on TV, there was a running race on air. The guy he guessed No. 1 won a race.
MC: Even with a good intuition, don’t touch horse racing
HJ: I only play with Loto and Toto
I got a hit in lottery
MC: Really ?
HJ: I bought again another Loto with the redund, but I had a considerable no. of hit.
MC: You buy them (Loto, Toto) even now? How about lottery?
HJ: Well, I sometimes buy one each between fanmeetings
MC: You won the fund for today’s special effect (fireball) by lottery?
HJ: It costs 100,000 won per each fireball
MC: The colored fireballs are so expensive!
HJ: While dancing at the stage, I calculate the costs of fireballs in mind
I am kidding now. Loto is a tiny pleasure for me.
When I wait for a lucky draw, a week passes quickly.
I do not buy many, a few of each (Loto and Toto)
MC: How honest you are ! How about KyuJongssi?
KJ: Self-confidence and Passion
He has many assets which I don’t have.
I am rather timid, I cannot be audacious. But he challenges with confidence and passion. Therefore, he is the existence who complements what I do not have.
He reminds me of taking a challenge by myself. I would like to applaud for the fantastic staging he produced today.
HJ: I will buy you one each of lottery
KJ: I have no luck in lucky draw
MC: Do you select by number when you buy Loto?
HJ: I check the number “ 6“
MC: Let’s go on to the strength of Younsaengssi and KyuJongssi
HJ: (Yonsaeng’s strength) Charming cuteness, do you know what?
Eventhough he pretends to be manly, he cannot hide his cuteness
MC: He cannot hide his charm? Camera !could you close up Yongsaengssi?
Cute ! Could you sing a song ?
YS: I would like to go on a chic style
MC: Your song is really chic. You are popular not only in Korea but also in European countries as well. For your fans, could you please even one phrase of your song?
Everyone will follow you together.
HJ: Let’s sing together
YS: At the same key, please
MC: In a chic stle
YS: ……………………………. (sings Let it Go )
I stop here
MC: Really beautiful voice !
What is KyuJongssi’s strength?
HJ: Warmness, he can warm your heart just by talking to you
MC: Warmness …..
HJ: You feel moved by just looking at him as you feel his tolerance which embraces you.
MC: When we worked together for “ Thank you for waking up series”, he was always awake. As soon as he heard the door open, he came to greet me.
KJ: I only slept badly.
MC: KyuJongssi, you are leaving tomorrow for Japan, starting the performance from the 11th of June?
KJ: Yes, I will be on the stage from the 11th to the 26th of June.
MC: You perform in Japanese ?
KJ: No in Korean. The original musical was a hit in Japan as well. We were asked to perform in Korean. Production team are also Korean. We would like to show the power of Korean musical.
MC: You fit in with the image of Goong. Your song has not yet been released in Korea. We would like to listen to even just the beginning part of your song.
KJ: My song?
MC: Just a beginning part of the song as it is not released.
KJ: Sad song? Cheerful song? Which do you prefer ?
Then, I will sing a beautiful song.
MC: A beautiful song ?

( KJ‘s song ……………)

MC: Bravo ~!
YS: I heard it for the first time
MC: What’s the score ?
HJ: 100 points out of 100
MC: How do you think, Yongsaengssi ?
YS: It is a beautiful song
MC: Do you think that you wanted to sing ?
YS: I think so a little
MC: I assume that both of you also got some offers for musical ?
HJ:  So fair no offer to me. Therefore, I produce a song for me
If I had a chance in future, I would like to challenge
MC: How about Yongsaengssi? I cannot believe that you have not received any offer for musical.
YS: Yes, I had some. However, as I started as a singer, I did not want to choose musical for solo debu. So I don’t think of musical now.
MC: In future?
YS: Not clear
MC: If you watch KyuJongssi‘s stage at musical, you may change your mind?
YS: It is tough for me because I have to learn everything, singing, dancing and acting
MC: You acted very well awhile ago
YS: Did I ? Well then ….
MC: I wish that you will make a success on your new stage
Today, I talked with threemembers, I feel that they are friends as well as a family. They understand each other, support together, that’s the reason I feel like a family. Even you start as solo artist, Hyun Joongssi feels encouraging.
Could you say a word to each other ?from Hyun Joongssi to the next please!
HJ: Do I say something to Yongsaeng ?
MC: Or vice versa is fine
HJ: No, I will. It is quite tough if I suddenly have to speak in a formal way.
MC: Usually, you do not.
HJ: Yongsaeng ! The relationship between you and me is …… We have never abused each other ….., we are very close ……… these days
MC: It sound great !
HJ: It is not tremulous excitement, but I feel my heart beating in a different way
MC: You feel awkward even you are close friends.
HJ: I cannot treat you in the same way I do for KyuJong, but let’s appeal our close friendship , you little rascal!!
MC: It sounds pleasant
From Yongsaengssi to KyuJongssi ?
YS: What shall I say ?
You stepped into the new area, musical as a start of solo, you will have difficulties, especially you will be on a stage in the overseas. You may have a different hardship from what you have here. However, Hyun Joong’s fans will support you together. Many fans will give support to you. Please do not forget about it. Just do your best. Please give full support to him (to the audience) !
MC: The place of the stage?
KJ: Kyoto Minamiza
MC: How do you say in Japanese “ Do you know ?”
Do you know Minamiza ?
Please make it sure to go there !
KJ: Please make it sure to come over to Minamiza (in Japanese)
MC: Well I have to study !
From KyuJongssi to Hyun Joongssi ?

KJ: Today is a memorable day when he release his first solo alubum with Break Down. He has never said die, but I fully understand how much he put all his energy for today. Not only many of your fans, but also we give support to you, please show us fantastic solo performance. I also hope that he will further upgrade himself and will be back to SS501. Leader, fighting !
MC: You are happy guy
HJ: I feel the same way. I am very happy with friends I believe in and depend on.
All of you, please take care of such friends around you. Yongsaeng’s fans may give support to me sometimes, and help each other like this way.
MC: Please send a big applause to Yongsaengssi and KyuJongssi who came over to Hyun Joongssi’s showcase today!
I regret to tell you that we have to say goodbye to them now.
HJ: Thank you. Please applause for them, the friends I love.
MC: HyunJoongssi, please hug Yongsaengssi,
HJ: Oh it’s hard to do so in the sober.
MC: And KyuJongssi
You don’t abuse them when they turned aroud?
Thank you very much !
Yongsaengssi !andKyuJongssi !

Let’s go back to the chairs
The showcase of the first mini album Break Down,
We enjoyed a talk with Yongsaengssi and KyuJongssi, \.
Mc: Are you happy with them ?
HJ: Yes, very happy.
MC: But, you have to go alone on the stage …..


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