Thursday, August 11, 2011

[Media Pix & News] Hyun Joong Casual & Cool Fashion in Vietnam 08.10.11

Hyun Joong arrived Tan Son Nhat Airport in Vietnam at around 11PM. Hyun Joong and his entourage were escorted from the VIP gate. Fans cheered when they saw him came out. Here's news and photos of Hyun Joong from when he arrived at the hotel in a very casual and cool fashion.

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong in casual shorts and flip-flops at the hotel in HCMC, Vietnam
English translation:
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Wearing convenient shorts and flip-flops, Kim Hyun Joong has made a deep impression on the fans because of his cuteness and simpleness.

After leaving Tan Son Nhat airport, Kim Hyun Joong has gone back to the hotel to take a rest. We have “ambushed” him before so when he step out of the car, we could take lots of pics!

With cool look as usual and a big sun-glasses, Hyun Joong still made the fans feel very close and friendly when he wore simple shorts and black flip-flops. He was quite surprised because it was very late but the fans and the photographers still decided to wait at the hotel to take pics.

Tomorrow, Kim Hyun Joong will start to do his schedule in VietNam. Don’t forget to update the news with us!


Anonymous said...

uhm....Kim Hyun Joong, is that a wee bit too casual? Still cute though ^_^

Anonymous said...

Aiya hyunjoong you can be mistaken for a cabbage farmer yo.....but a very famous and goodlookingg one..hahaha...dont kill me kidding i love him to bits

Anonymous said...

How old is he again? he look 17 here..SO CUTE*swoons*

Anonymous said...

leader can make simple into fashion