Thursday, August 11, 2011

[Media Pix & Short Interview] Hyun Joong TFS PressCon in Vietnam 08.11.11

First let me apologize to TripleS in Vietnam ( for posting these photos just now which was sent in my email early this morning today. I am really so busy with work this week. Sigh, I am hoping that the week will end soon.

Anyway, HUGE thanks TripleS in Vietnam for these media photos lifted HERE. Please do share more of Hyun Joong's visit in Vietnam.

Today, is the first full day of Hyun Joong in Vietnam and he had a press conference for TheFaceShop.

From the photos below, Hyun Joong seems to be tired and lacking sleep. Take note of his eyebags, their big and I think TFS BB cream can't even cover the black circles around his eyes.


[Trans] Exclusive interview with Kim Hyun Joong by
English translation:
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With an open-hearted and his friendliness, in a small conversation at Hyun Joong’s own room, but Kim Hyun Joong seems like he doesn’t want to show his beautiful smile much.

Q: How do you feel when you saw the love of the fans waiting at the airport and the hotel last night?
HJ: I was really surprised and happy, it has overcome my thought about the loves of Vietnamese fans before. But it also the reason that makes me worried for their safety.

Q: There are some comments said that you are “economizing” your smile a bit when you come here!
HJ: Firstly, it because of the late flight, and the other side is because I was worried for the fans’s safety. Hope that in the next activities here in Vietnam, especially in the fanmeeting, I could have more chances to meet all of the fans.

Q: Recently, your song “Please” get banned by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, do you want to share something about this?
HJ:I think this song is suitable for adult audience, so I think you could listen to it.

Q:After overcame the Asia music industry, do you plan to attend the world’s music industry?
HJ: Now, I’m having activities in Asia and of course I really want to develop all around the world. I have a plan in next year…


Anonymous said...

Poor KHJ. He looks really tired.

Anonymous said...

he schedule is so tight. most of the time will share with the public, that means most of the time he have to be aware of ...... that requests quiet a bit of energy to support the activities ......
leader, hope everythings will turn out great for you " kim hyun joong , kim hyun joong , kim hyun joong ... kim hyun joong ...... "

Anonymous said...

leader we love you, fighting ......