Friday, August 12, 2011

[Media Pix] Photos from TFS PressCon in Vietnam 08.11.11

Here is a new set of photos of Hyun Joong from TheFaceShop press conference that happened yesterday. This new set of photos came from which I lifted from the post of 00lanse on Baidu. Thanks!

Ei, the shutterbug of took quite a number of very good photos of Hyun Joong. Do check them out.


Mia said...

Pictures from another news portal from Vietnam - Kim Hyun Joong created a huge chaos at Vincom, Saigon --

The news is about how big of a crowd KHJ was able to gather outside and inside of the mall. Enthusiastic Fans were waiting since early hours, and creating quite a turmoil. . Things were getting quite out of control when he arrived, and also when he departed, yet there was no unfortunate incident. It also briefly mentioned about KHJ's popularity as an actor/singer, and his next fans signing event on August 12.

Anonymous said...

hi, Mia, thanks the info. i am going to check it out. please do share the info of our leader with us during his stay in NV. thank you. love ya.

sinthia said...

woaah... so handsome... *.*
I love his facial expressions... they are so funny!! xDD