Thursday, August 11, 2011

[Pix] Kyu Jong's photoshoot for PlayDB

Today @playdb ( tweeted photos of Kyu Jong. According to the tweet of HappyBoys_SS501, Kyu Jong had an interview with playdb today (I believe this is related to 'Goong'). Likewise on the same tweet of HappyBoys_SS501, staffs seems to be fascinated by Kyu Jong.

Thanks to veggiedelight for emailing the photos..


<- -> said...

Kyu Jong got tanned a lot.

Anonymous said...

i he playing outside a lot?

sinthia said...

it's too easy to believe that staffs became fascinated by Kyu Jong... he's such a sweet boy... I find impossible not adore him!! *-*
thank you for the photos. =D