Sunday, January 08, 2012

[Article] 'Goong' in Tokyo on August 2012

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Wow, I am so happy to know about this. It's still a long way until August 2012 and yet many are already looking forward to the repeat
. Congratulations to Kyu Jong as well as the casts and crew of the musical.


[Eng Trans] Goong in Japan: 1,500 tickets per performance all sold out, additional Tokyo performances confirmed!

Chinese translation: 金圭鐘中國best姐姐飯 @ Weibo
English translation: @tzeyin28 @

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P/S: This article is only partially translated.

Due to Tokyo audiences’ enthusiastic support, every performance of musical “Goong” held at Tokyo International Forum Hall C that can accommodate 1,500 people sold out. The requests for additional performances kept coming in because the running time of the musical was too short. As a result of the compliments received, after the 2011 performances in Kyoto and Tokyo, “Goong” will be held for the third time in Tokyo, Japan in August 2012, setting a new box office record of Korean musicals.

The producer of G8 (the production company of “Goong”) expressed, “During the last musical performance of ‘Goong’ that was held on 30th December, 2011, the audiences threw paper planes towards the stage to express their gratitude and congratulations. Musical actors & actresses and the production staff were all deeply moved. Every performer and audience couldn’t help but shed their tears. Everyone in the theatre was crying.”


Anonymous said...

i'm so proud of him
this is a huge success for him and all the staff...all the best for his upcoming Goong ^_^

Anonymous said...

G8 must so appreciate kyu for bringing the fame to the Goong
& attracting all these audiences from JP.

Anonymous said...

so proud of our kyu...hope he really got some recognitions for his acting~! he's bringing so much fame to Goong!! our kyujong ah hwaiting~!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to our dear Kyu Jong, I know he deserves all of this cause he really worked hard...and also good luck to his future activities, I hope whatever he do will be a big success...