Friday, January 13, 2012

[Trans] Hyun Joong as the Idol Who is 'Most Athletic'

When I was doing my usual visit at Naver saw several articles, one of which is can be read HERE, about Hyun Joong winning the survey that Monkey 3 had on January 3. Earlier, I think I saw the translation from AKP that was tweeted but didn't have the time to read. Luckily just a few minutes ago, my TL showed a tweet from Soompi about the article. Here's the article shared by little mixed girl on the said forum. Thanks!


Which Idol Star is the "Most Athletic"?

Courtesy of little mixed girl / Soompi

Participants in a survery held on Monkey 3 (a music site) from January 3 through January 11, titled "What Star has the Most Athletic Sense?" picked Kim Hyun Joong (from "Boys over Flowers") as the winner with 46% of the votes.

Kim Hyun Joong is famous for displaying his skills as offense (striker) on the celebrity soccer team FC Men. Many of those that voted for him cited not only his good looks, but his brilliant skills.

In second place with 24% of the vote was ZE:A's Kim Dong Jun who has shown his athletic aptitude on MBC's "Idol Sports Competition".

Third place, with 11% of the votes, was Sistar's Bora, who is known for her healthy image.

JYJ's Junsu took fourth place with 8% of the votes, followed by 2AM's Jinwoon in fifth place and Kara's Goo Hara in 6th place.

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Anonymous said...

For someone who is rather accident-prone, I'm glad that darling Hyun Joong does not let it hinder him from enthusiastically participating in physical activities, like playing soccer and weight-lifting. However I hope he'll be real careful cuz there's no denying that for a strapping lad, he tends to be a bit on the delicate side. Love you, darling boy!