Sunday, January 22, 2012

[Photo] Jung Min Back in Korea 01.22.12

I am still searching for good photos and videos but I guess for the meantime this will do.

It's confirmed, Jung Min is back in Korea tonight after going to Japan yesterday for a very short trip.

Happy to read that Jung Min is back in Korea to spend the Lunar New Year in his new house and with his family. Though it was said that it's just a short vacation for him, I hope that he will be spending the most of it with his love ones.

Set of photos posted earlier was wrong set of photo. Sorry about that. This is the correct photos tweeted by p_jungmin43. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

happy to hear that he gets to spend quality time with the family and must be enjoying park-umma's delicious cooking

you deserve it sweetie

DeeDee2023 said...

Gosh, I'm missing Jung Min like crazy! Can't wait for his drama to start airing and we start hearing more about him soon. Love you, Jung Min!